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Back home with answer

Hi all,

Back after yesterday laparoscopy,

Very long day, had to wait a very long time, but thankfully the hospital and staff where fabulous got in at 10 and was taken straight to a bed in my own room, went down at 4. When I woke up it was 7 and I thought that was a long time, abit groggy and sore, so I quickly looked down and only saw 1 incision and my terrifying first thought was that nothing was found or done, after another look I noticed there was in fact 2 so asked the nurses for some water and if anything was found she check my notes and said yes endos been excised and I was in theatre for 90 mins,

Slightly scared at the prospect of living with this for the rest of my life, but some what pleased with myself for coming up with it in the first place 8 months ago, although I've certainly been dealing with symptoms for longer than that.

Any way I was rode back to my room where my husband was still waiting for me, had some more water and was told by the nurse that the consultant would be along shortly, I had some soup and dread and a cuppa tea, then see my doc, who then told me that he had found endo on the back of uterus and on the ligament, and had left none behind, my uterus was twisted and in an odd position so he sorted that,( not really sure what that means but he said it was successful so)

BUT, I also have ADENOMYOSIS, and unfortunately it seems extension, he said that his not sure how much relief I will get as he cant besure that the symptoms where coming for the endo and not the adeno, so got to wait and see,

Got a follow up on the 14th April and he has suggested pros tap, injection and hysterectomy, but I need to do my research on this,

If anyone has any info or advice on prostap, good or bad that would be great.

So that's my story so far,mim feeling very odd, happy and sad,

Don't feel to sore atm so hopefully my recovery will go well

Sorry for the long post and i congratulate any one that has read to the end, lol

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At least u have some answers, no other advice to offer other than buscopan anti cramp tabs r amazing for the wind and if u get sore shoulders get ur partner to rub ur forearm hard- worked well for me


Sorry I'm not with you, are you having another lap to excise more endo, have you had prostap


I am having another lap to excise more endo but because you said you have been recommended a hysterectomy due to the adeno I am wondering if they are going to suggest that to me, so now not sure if I should put myself through another lap if that is the conservative treatment for adeno


So pleased you have an answer finally, wishing you a speedy recovery x


Hi - I have just replied to your other post but have just seen this one. As you have had endo excised they are suggesting prostap to 'shrink' any that remains as it will deplete the oestrogen in your system. But why, you are thinking when he has said he has removed it all? It is a serious medication and I had pretty horrific symptoms. It acts on your brain and I had excruciating head pain. Other people are OK on it so it is a personal choice depending on whether it is necessary. It is usually only suggested if they know they were unable to get it all out so in view of the fact that he did I should ask why since you don't need it to shrink the adeno. Sometiimes they say 'just in case' the endo comes back but it doesn't have a long term effect anyway beyond 12 months or so. x


It's all so bloody confusing, I'll keep researching until my appointment with him,

If the temp menapause stops the estregen but a hysterectomy with overies left dosnt how can they no that a hysterectomy will work the same towards the symptoms as the menopause ?


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