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Home with out my uterus

Hi all, well I'm home from hospital, the hysterectomy went to plan, he left my overies where they belong, and removed my uterus cervix and tubes, he also found a little more endometreosis which, he excised, so I'm now all clear from both ENdo and adenomyosis.

I'm very sore and a little emotional, but all in all very good, the hospital stay went well, I had some of the most lovely nurses look after me, and I had a great surgeon, 3 days and 2 nights stay, in now on the sofa with my mother in law as company and looking after me, my hubby and boys have been great, bringing me flowers and chocs,

I can't wait now for the next chapter of my life, hopefully this one will be pain free and happy, ive had a hell of a year this year and really do feel im deserving of a good year now,

I would like to say a big thank you to all the lovely ladies that have helped me cope over this past few months, both on this site and to my friends and family.

It's a great relief and help knowing we are not alone dealing with our health issues, and this site has been a god send,

I'm happy to answer any ones questions about having a hysterectomy or anything else for that matter, I hope a few of my words can help someone as much as words on here have helped me,

Ive got a long way to go still, but am feeling positive about my future, I no ive got to be very good and not over do it, and I intend to behave, I need this recovery to be as painless as possible, so I will be doing no lifting pulling pushing hoovering bed changing ECT ect ect, lol for as long as I can get away with it,

I no I have just got to be kind to my husband and appreciate how difficult this has been for him, men are so different in the way they approach things, I just need to sit back and let him get on with it all, IN HIS WAY, NOT THE WAY I WONT IT DONE,

that will be very hard for me, lol

I hope all you lovely ladies are having a good day today, and wish each and every one of you or the luck in the world, weather you are awaiting a diagnosis or awaiting or going through a treatment plan,


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Hi hun.

I'm really pleased that all went well with your hysterectomy hun.

I hope that you had a speedy recovery hun.

You deserve it xx


Thank you


Oh I am soooo pleased everything went well for you hunni . I'm still waiting for a date for my hysterectomy might ring appointments line this aft and see if they can tell me anything. So glad your recovery is going well and your letting other people do things for you. I think that will b my bug bear not being able to do things lol. All the best. X


Thank you dk, I'm sure it will be your bug bear, only my fist full day home, and I'm all ready bored stiff,my mother in laws cooking a lamb roast and im sitting in my hands lol


Glad it went well xx


Hi T - I'm so glad you are doing well and take your own advice. DON'T DO TOO MUCH!!! So many on here write after 3 weeks expecting to be pain free and leaping around. It might be a few months and more of mum-in-law waiting on you for a while yet. xx


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