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Examination of the bladder?

So I've finally received a date for my bladder examination which will be on the 25th of march. Now it's approaching I'm absolutely petrified. The main thing that worries me is that I already have such a strong discomfort and pain in my urethra which is worse when I urinate so I can't imagine it's going to be happy when I'm having a camera pushed through it.

Has anyone had this before and what does it feel like? I was hoping to go under general as I'm just so worried about the pain of it. I'm aware obviously that it gets numbed with anaesthetic jelly but still- very scared.

Any advice or help would be brilliant. Thank you!



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Hello, I've had a cystoscope, I think that's what it's called, I had 3 nurses in with me for some reason, and we where taking about firemen calendars for done reason and I can honestly say I didn't even think it was done when he said all finished, my was all clear, but I wasn't having pain seeing at the time,

Fingers crossed for you, xxx


Thank you! That's definitely put my mind at ease a little bit! I'm so worried about what they will or won't find! I'm more scared they won't find anything though. But as I can already feel my urethra is swollen and painful I'm worried it's just going to cause so much discomfort- even with the anaesthetic :(

Thank you so much. I'll keep you updated with how it goes!!



I can't give any advise but really hope they will be able to help you! What exactly are they looking for? Do you know? X


There's a few things it may be! It could be that endo has some how spread to my bladder which is causing me all the complications or it could be interstitial cystitis I think it's called. They're the main 2 things it could really be. I darent even start to worry about what else it could be! All I know is I cannot go on like this anymore! It's just totally sucking the life out of me!I pee constantly. I'm up all night. It hurts to wee, I have to go randomly and straight away! My bladder aches and I have sharp pains where I wee from. It's just awful. Don't know what else to do! Hoping for some answers! And thank you! Fingers crossed it all gets figured out!



I'm so sorry your having to deal with all of these awful problems, I'm up all night too but not for the same reason. Would it be Endo on the outside of the bladder then? I wonder if they will pick that up with that type of procedure? Can the cryttsis be caused by Endo or is that a totally different problem altogether? Are you managing work / study with the lack of sleep and pain? X


I had a cystoscopy last May under local anaesthetic. I have bladder endo that has penetrated to inside my bladder and was was scared that it would really hurt. In reality I barely even felt the camera go in or come out and it wasn't painful at all. They are so proficient as they do it all the time and the anaesthetic gel works- so don't worry. The weirdest thing is weeing out the cold water they have used to inflate the bladder afterwards! Good luck! X


I had this a few weeks ago and was really scared the worse but waiting and honestly hardly any discomfort an takes a matter of seconds So please don't worry


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