I had a laparoscopy last Monday and everything's healing fine but the stitches are really getting annoying, they keep catching on my clothes but they're not long enough to cut. I don't want to cover them up cos they need to air so just wondered if anyone had any ideas of what to do as one is right on my trouser line so is constantly being pulled and hurts a lot.

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  • If they aren't dissolving make an appointment with a nurse at your local GP's practice and simply have them removed. I had a laparoscopy a week ago and I'm booked in to have my stitches out on Monday, so that'll be a week and three days they will have been in.

    I was told I could either wait for them to dissolve or I could have them snipped from the 12th. Considering I had the op on the 6th, the stitches apparently only needed to be in for 6 days before they could be safely removed.

    Can I ask if your bloated-ness from the gas has completely gone yet? It's been a week and my stomach isn't back to normal. I suppose there could still be some swelling but I just wondered if this is normal...


  • Hi, I was bloated for about 3 weeks after my op. Peppermint tea really helped tho :)

  • Ahhhh that's reassuring, thanks! Xxx

  • I think my stomach has gone down, not to sure as it seems to be bigger than usual but then I haven't been able to do sport which I do at least 5 times a week so could just be fat, sorry.

  • I don't think you could have got noticeably 'fatter' in such a short space of time! Bless you :) mine definitely still feels tight, not normal at all, but it is a lot less bloated than it was. Thanks for your reply! Xxx

  • Haha it feels like it :) It still hurts especially just underneath my belly button and a little bit tight but it's only been a week and a half so I'm not surprised. That's ok I feel like I'm not alone when people answer to me so I answer back whenever I can :) xxx

  • I'm really sore just underneath my belly button and down the left hand side towards my left ovary which is where they did the ablation apparently. But especially just under my belly button! The incision there is taking longer to heal too. It is good on this forum, people do tend to respond which I really like😊 xxx

  • Ahh that's where they cut mine aswell, so have three cuts, that's the one that's been annoying me the most though cos it's right on my pant and trouser line. Do you mean literally on the inside under the belly button or further down your belly under your belly button? Haha very confusing but I have the second one and it feels solid if I press it a certain way. Yh and they know exactly what you are going through :) xxx

  • The surgeon said that the incision would be actually in my belly button but it's actually further down my belly under my belly button. It's really tight and uncomfortable. Xxx

  • Oh that's weird, don't worry then you don't know what I'm on about haha :) xxx

  • I kept mine covered and healed fine.. but my incisions were glued not stitched.x id suggest seeing a doctor.

  • My stitches were meant to dissolve but after 3 weeks they were still there annoying the life out of me. I got the practice nurse to snip them off for me and it was a huge relief x

  • Thanks everyone, I'm gonna ring my doctors up and book an appointment. Just wondering obviously it has scabbed over so how do they pull them out?

  • They snip them near the knot and the simply slide out, despite any scabbing. It's painless and straight forward, takes a couple of seconds :) xx

  • Ahh ok thanks :) xxx

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