Coil coming out tomorrow after 8 months

Just been to my GP as my hospital referral is taking forever. I explained that I was really struggling with depression, pain, migraines, low libido, etc etc I broke down and she said she would remove it to see if it helps. This is my 3rd coil, my 1st was a god send helping with my heavy and painful periods, it was half way through my 2nd I started experiencing endo symptoms and had a lap and laser. It never really helped and I have been fighting ever since 2011 for help.

So I'm going back tomorrow to have it removed. I asked for something (non hormonal) to help with my periods until I can get to see the specialist and hopefully go for my 2nd lap. Think she is going to prescribe ponstan or something similar.

I hope having it removed helps with the symptoms I'm experiencing.

I'm sick of living like this.

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  • Fingers crossed you feel a lot better once you've had it taken out x

  • Hi, thank you!. Been reading a few of your posts. Did you find the night sweats decreased after your coil was taken out? x

  • They went completely but not sure if it was down to the coil or northisterine, you can imagine what my original consultant said!! X

  • Ha yes I can imagine! I don't get them all the time but the hot flushes are becoming more frequent. They always happen the week before my period. x

  • I usually get hot flushes the week before my period and to be honest put that down to being normal, but when I had the coil in it was getting ridiculous I felt like the sweat was pouring out if me constantly x

  • Good luck! I'm hopefully getting mine out next Wednesday but it's been a fight to get them to agree!

  • Thank you. Going in at 10.30. My doc didn't really have an option I was armed with pain/bleeding diary & a list of symptoms. She was good & said that it can affect your mood & some women just don't get on with it x

  • How are you feeling? I've read horror stories of a mirena crash then also people saying they felt immediate relief. I'm hoping we're both on the relief side!

    I went in with my diary of pain and bleeding and they thought I had endo so was referred for a lap which was clear. I'll be a bit annoyed if it is just the mirena causing the problems as I asked about taking it out before the lap and was told to keep it in as it was probably helping. Could have saved myself an operation, but if taking it out helps then I'll be happy x

  • Hi, I'm feeling ok. I've heard of the crash too and was slightly worried. I feel mentally exhausted and a wee bit down as things came to a head last week and I broke down and let it all out. I'm hoping things will start to improve. I don't feel as bloated since it was removed.

    How long have you had yours? x

  • I've had mine about a year longer than you. July 2013. Things never settled down and then got worse about a year after it was put in.

    I'm sorry you had a bit of a breakdown, do you have someone to support you? I've been very emotional recently. it doesn't take much to make me cry. Hopefully you'll stabilise quickly after the mess around with your hormones and you'll feel better soon x

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