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A Rough Day


Today's been a really rubbish day after a fairly rubbish weekend and I'm feeling very sorry for myself!

My period was over a week late and despite telling myself not to get my hopes up, I did of course. Then I spent Sunday and overnight last night in agony with back and hip pain and painkillers just seemed to take ages to kick in. Couldn't quite work out where the pain was coming from either - tummy, back or hips.

Then low and behold, my period arrived today (the day another friend announces her pregnancy) and now I'm in my pyjamas armed with a hot water bottle and painkillers, dreading the next couple of weeks and knowing it'll be thoroughly miserable. Still got around 4 months to go before my laparoscopy too.

Well tomorrow is another day so I should probably give my head a wobble and crack on!

Sorry for the depressing tone but thanks for letting me rant!

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Best place to rant is on here... I find it soo helpful as people understand me..x so dont be sorry... Feel proud that your rants just made someone reading it go.... Im finally not alone and they feel same as me!

discobec in reply to Kerri215

Thanks. This site has been an absolute Godsend. My husband's brilliant but sometimes he's not quite sure what to say to me. He's a very logical thinker and (probably quite rightly) wants to take everything one step at a time, whereas I want to jump ahead and talk about all the what ifs involved with this bloody horrible condition and go over things that might never happen.

So glad I can have a real toys out of the pram strop somewhere!

Sorry your having a rubbish time:-( makes you heart sink when you so badly want a baby and your period comes and it's hell!! I'm also having the most horrific period and the pain just seems to be everywhere. I guess women like to talk and men like to solve problems it's what makes them feel helpful and supportive. I wonder if maybe you have asked for a cancellation if one comes up, I did and had my op weeks than before it was due,worth a try if you call them. Xx

We all need to let off steam. It keeps us sane.

Sending you a big hug X

I hope you feel better soon sorry you've had so much pain. I've had my period recently and it was absolute agony. Meanwhile my boyfriend told me last night im wallowing in it. I was really upset. Its like people just don't understand this condition whatsoever xx

Lol wonder how your boyfriend would feel if it was him, I mean let's face it, men can't even cope with a cold!!! Try not to let his lack of empathy upset you! Xx

Lol you're right there!! x

Mabes in reply to Davina-Canning

I bet your boyfriend wouldn't say that if he had to go through an endometriosis period and chronic pain.

I'm sorry. I know how hard it is to watch everyone else have babies. It's soul destroying at times.

Sorry you're having a crappy time Discobec. I know how awful it is to have your hope crushed when you get your period and then to have to face the endo pain. There are no words to console you but remember you're not alone and this is the right place for a rant. I've just been through my first round of fertility treatment which didn't work and getting my period was devastating.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I've felt teary all day today but onwards and upwards (until next month's crushing disappointment I suppose). It's good to feel like you're not alone with this horrible business.

My mum actually had endo but conceived my sister and I without difficulty. She's great but she's also a fan of tough love and sometimes I just feel like a good old moan!

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