Laparoscopy and sex

So, I had a diagnostic ureteroscopy and laparoscopy on the 4th of March and was discharged from hospital on the 6th. My boyfriend came to visit for the weekend and we had sex twice. Was that too early? I'd read some stuff about having to wait two weeks, but I'd seen other things that said just to do it whenever I felt ready. The only thing that hurt during were my incisions. Now it hurts when I pee and I have a little bit of blood whenever I wipe. Is this normal?

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I would say that would be normal. You had a scope done and only let yourself recoup a couple of days. And when having sex it causes friction which could cause irritation. I would wait and give yourself some time to recoup. But if you get a fever or or it the incision turn red I would call my doc. This is just my opinion. I am not a doctor.

Whilst it might not have been too early it sounds like you could have a urine infection. I would go to GP to be checked. I had my lap on the 3rd, still not ready for sex but they removed extensive endo so maybe why. Everyone is differnt. Good luck!

Wow I am surprised you felt comfortable enough to have sex. I was told 6 wks before I had sex and I wasnr ready for at least 2 weeks. Bleeding is normal but if you are having problems weeing I would see a doctor just incase you hve an infection x

You know your body better than any guidelines! I had bleeding after my lap but remember your body was full of air and someone was rooting around it. I would say if your symptoms don't clear up within a couple of days see a GP, just to be on the safe side. I had to see my GP about week after because they had stitched me so poorly that it got infected! Hope your doing okay!!

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