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I am new to this but so glad I found it! I am 18 years old and was diagnosed with endo last year and have since had 2 laparoscopy's and had extensive endo removed both times from all around my womb, pouch of Douglas and bowel.

I was diagnosed in the UK and then moved to New Zealand with my partner to work and travel and this is where I had my second op and really want to keep it under control so I can enjoy the rest of my time here.

I currently have my pain under the best control I can do but I was wondering if anyone has recommendations of what they do for moods? My moods are all over the place and can change in the matter of seconds and I know it's down to the endo as I have never been like it before. It's getting me down and also my partner as I constantly find myself snapping.

I also suffer a lot with feeling tired and just really flat.

Really hope someone has also experienced this and found some sort of relief!

Thank you in advance!

Hollie x

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I suffer with endo pain and get moody a lot.

I've heard that 'Evening Primrose Oil' can help with PMT so maybe it can help with your moods with your endo too.

I'm willing to give it a try.

Sorry I can't be of much help.

I wish you all the best and good health X



Ah okay that's interesting thank you so much!

Like you say anythings worth a try haha!

Thank you again and good luck with your health also! X

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Hi, hope your well I am in a similar boat with erratic moods. I have been on the 'endo diet' a week or more and it seems to be helping. Google it and try and give it a go. I am finding it hard, as I can't have my morning cup of tea anymore! Good luck! X

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Just had a look and think I'll definitely give it a go. I do think I'll struggle like you though haha! Thank you very much!x


Hi Hope your enjoying your time over there I find b6 and evening primrose to help with my moods especially my pmt you have to take it everyday and about the 3rd month your start seeing the effects of it x


Thank you very much for this, I have just ordered both so fingers crossed! X


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