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Help needed

Looking for advice. In April I started getting thrush like symptoms. The doc discovered a cervical erosion which they treated in July when I received a lap which diagnoseD and treated endo. I had coil which caused lot of pain and has since been removed. i am now on norethisterone three times daily and a bladder stabilising drug once a day. I am still experiencing thrush like symptom. Pain discomfort it's draining me. Iv had gel for vaginitis and cream but all my swabs came back normal. Could it be my diet , the medication , I'm at the end of my tether it isn't all of the time but enough to annoy me. Spoke to doc and Gynae but as no infection they don't seem to care. Thanx xx

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I don't have thrush but I do get itchy and sore from time to time... I've been tested repeatedly and there is nothing wrong... I have no idea what causes it. I haven't changed laundry detergent and I always wear cotton underwear. I wash using a wash designed for ladies undercarriage. Still it happens! I realise this doesn't help in any ways but at least you know you aren't alone 😊

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Thankyou it's a Nitemare isn't it xx


Have a read up up on candidia and the anti candidia diet. It's quiet extreme, but recurrent thrush is often caused by this. It's amazing what goes on in our stomachs and how often diet leads to so many other complications. X


I can't really help, but a few years ago I got a serious itch. It was so bad I wanted to take a sheet of sand paper and scratch myself. I was tested twice at two different places and I didn't have anything. I was convinced I must have had thrush.

The itch went away on its own, and I noticed that I had developed what look like little moles.. down there. And all my GPS said was "don't worry you don't have cancer"

Hope you find some answers, hopefully someone on here will have some advice x


I two have this itch at times and I have now put it down to change in hormone levels and this is what causes it Hun? Also I also was getting paranoid and was washing myself constantly so doctor had said I wash washing all the ph balance and goodness away so was adviced to cut back on the washing lol, have you tried salt in your bath i swear by it Hun and really takes the itch away xxxx


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