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Removal of coil and ovualtion

Hi all,

So about a year ago i was diagnosed with endometriosis via a laparoscopy.

I had been on the pill for about 4 years and was taking back to back to avoid the period pains.

during my operation i was fitted with the mirena coil.

i am currently on the waiting list for my second operation. Myself and my partner were going to wait till after my op to start trying for a baby however i was told that this could be a 7 month wait!!

I had my coil removed in February. I had a short period at that time. According to apps and ovulation calculators i am meant to be ovulating now. i have been taking the tests every day this week afternoon and evening but all negative.

How long did other people take to ovulate and/or get pregnant after the removal of the coil?

Thank you all in advance. I know its still early doors but this is starting to get my down a bit as concerned that i wont ovulalte at all.

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What operation are you due to have??

If u havent had any removal of endo i would advise you to try for a baby after the operation.

i know this is a long and painful wait for you but to have a good chance of successfully concieving and carrying for 9months.

Did they check ur ovaried and tubes during ur laparoscopy to see if they are free etc??


Hi, thank you for getting back to me.

My first op was a diagnostic laparoscopy which found it in my POD. This was diathermy rather than cut out.

My second op is going to be an investigative laparoscopy in search of more endo along with a cyctoscopy. This will look at my ovaries, tubes etc to make sure that all are in the best condition for trying.

In my appointment back in September we told them that we wanted to start trying within the next 6 months. After being told that i could have to wait up until June for an op we decided that we would try in the mean time and see if we were lucky enough. Just disheartened that i still havent ovulated dispite all the calulations since my last period. One of the pains from always having an irregular cycle I guess.

Gotta love Endo! :)


I had the Mirena coil in for 7 months but had it removed due to pain it was causing me i know when I ovulate as I suffer for up to 10 days a month with pain and I had this the whole time I had the coil in. The mirena coil doesn't stop ovulation for many ladies just calms down periods by not allowing the womb lining to build up.


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