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Slightly nervous

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I have my lap in a couple of weeks and I am so scared that they aren’t going to find anything. I’ve struggled for so long and tried everything I just feel like I KNOW this is it. But the thought that they don’t find any sign of endo is really starting to worry me. I’ve seen a few posts here and there if girls having experienced it and I’m just wondering how you continue? Do you keep looking or do you just believe what the doctor says?

Another thing as well. I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining about major bloating before and during there period. I don’t personally have that which is making me worry even more that they won’t find anything.

Sorry if all my posts sound like I’m just rambling away 🙈

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Hi, I know how you feel, my lap is just under 3 weeks away, and I have my pre-op tomorrow. When is your lap? I keep having doubts that it won't be endo, or the endo won't be found. These thoughts are made worse because we've had to wait so long to get to this point, it's sort of built it up. I too see symptoms on the forum that I can't relate to, but I try to remind myself that endo presents itself in many different ways with each person. Though it does make you wonder 'is it even endo?'

I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone :) I hope everything goes well for you and you find some answers. Take care x

It’s awful isn’t it! My lap is on the 23rd of August so I still have some time. I had my pre-op two weeks ago and it just made it all a lot more real. You’re right though everyone has different symptoms and I know something isn’t right it’s just so difficult not to start second guessing your own pain and worrying that maybe the pain is “normal”.

It is, but hopefully we will get it sorted. I think I'll feel that way after I have my pre-op tomorrow, because at the moment it doesn't seem real haha. I'm trying to be as open minded as I can about the results of my lap. I am confused about what I want the results to be, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up about anything. Waiting is annoying though because you can't help but think about it.

Hey, I’ve got my first lap on the 31st July and I’m petrified haha like I freaked out at the pre op after seeing a man being wheeled to surgery. My heart rate went to 180bpm 😂😂

I’m always worried they won’t find anything but I know something is wrong as pain isn’t good.

Endo has a variety of symptoms like I don’t have heavy bleeding some months but other months it will be. It’s just pain seems to get worse each month and I have a bunch of other symptoms too xxx

Oh god I think if I saw someone going into surgery I’d have a little freak out too! It’s so scary having to wait for months like continuously doubting your own pain but you’re right having pain which prevents you from living your life isn’t normal! Thanks for replying though it’s so great to talk to people who are going through the same thing!! Xx

No worries, if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m always here 💕 yeah I’ve been waiting a year for answers so it’s nerve wrecking but worth it at the same time xx

Hi, it must be so, so difficult waiting for answers. Although I’m sure you’re right to expect that you do have it, I hope you do get an answer but that it’s something other than endometriosis for your sake!

If they don’t find anything, don’t give up and believe your own body. You know when something is wrong. Best wishes and fingers crossed for you

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