Transvaginal pelvic ultrasound

Hi ladies.

I've had my scan appointment come through to check my womb as I suffer with excruciating period pain and heavy periods. (See my first post)

Anyway it's come through as transvaginal pelvic ultrasound, reading it is making me think what the hell is it? Has anyone else had one of these and what its like and what they can see from it? As I've either got Endometriosis or fibroids or whatever


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Transvergianal means they insert a probe inside your vagina. This will only be done with your consent and only if you are sexually active, as it will break your Heitmann, if intact.

Yeah I think I'll be ok in that case having it done. I did wonder why it said they don't do it you're not sexually active.

Not to sound sexually explicit, but I would suggest that after the initial scan, when they tell you to go and empty your bladder, that you have a little masturbate as this helps with the insertion of the probe!

Oh god haha. Can't think of anything worse I'll be worried to death and probably have stomach ache. I'll be fine I reckon. I just didn't know what it was.

Don't worry Kelly I had this done 2 months ago. It wasn't at all painful, just a little uncomfortable. They lubricate the probe so don't worry!

Ahh thank you. Was a bit anxious about it.

Hello :) I've had it and it was fine. It looks like a little puffer fish on a stick and once inside didn't hurt. They couldn't see my (stage 4) endo during the scan so just to warn you that if the Dr says they can't see anything, it doesn't necessarily mean there isn't anything there. Best of luck x

I had one, no endo spotted yet on sugery I had it really bad so not actually terribly diagnostic for endo but does spot other stuff

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