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Having a bad day today

Just feel very emotional today. Fed up with persistent pain. No let up from it. Right now sat at desk at work doped up on painkillers and just feel like crying. Having endo today just seems to be wearing me down. I'm normally a very positive person. All pain came on today thanks to just a 5 minute gentle stroll from car to the office. Just really really frustrating me. Started period 18th Feb and 12 days on I'm still bleeding, which is making me feel fed up too. Grumble grumble.

I know tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.

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Know how you feel nothing worse when you work in an office trying to put on a brave face! Hope tomorrow is better for you Hun xxx


Thinking of you xx


Not on your own, 😢 hope you are ok tomorrow xx


Hug (O)


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