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Mirena is evil!

This is the conclusion I came to after 5 weeks of enduring the coil. Now I know it works miracles for many and this is only intended as a cautionary warning for people with severe fatigue issues. I now know Hormonal imbalances can trigger chronic fatigue. the Mirena I do not believe is a good treatment for people with fatigue issues. Has anyone else had similar experieince?

Within 2 hours of my coil coming out I could think straight / mood lifted. Energy not back yet though as I have my first period in months. Still few days of pain / heavy bleeding (in my case) is definitely better than full time brain fog, headache, low mood

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Yep 12 weeks in and have absolutely no energy, shooting pains bleeding almost constant and can't see how I can last the 6 month trial period. Mood seriously low to top it all off!!


I had mine in for 5 and a half m . Wanted to tear it out myself . I ended up witb cyct , constnt bleeding , mood swings tired all the time .thy agreed to hysterectomy never felt so good in my life had it done in noveberx


Hi pickle 😊 can I ask your age? I have cysts, bleeding, moods & fatigue! I'm 46 feel 96 and really thinking I should just get rid of all of it. Did you have Endo? X


Hi i am 40 . Had coil fitted due to heavy painful periods due to endo . I had the overys left in but rest removed . I never felt so ill and old in my life when i had coil in and when u have a 3 year old running round its not fun for him and me . My life has totaly changed for the better xxxx


I'm beginning to agree with you Amylee. I'm on my 3rd coil, it was put in last year in July and ever since I have been suffering from terrible fatigue, migraines, brain fog, low moods. I think it has only just in the last month stopped my period (the first 2 didn't). I dread going back to prolonged heavy bleeding but feel like I have no option.

I pleaded for an endometrial ablation but they said I am too young (almost 39 no kids). I'm waiting for my referral but feel like going to the doctors to ask to have it removed.

Have you found a better treatment?


Have you tried transexamic acid?


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