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Mirena depression?!

I was diagnosed with endo nearly 1 year ago (minor by all accounts) & as part of a trial I received the mirena coil. Since then I have had a big increase in depression & lack of interest in life. I am constantly exhausted, run down & unable to control mood swings. I also cry at any time, for the most stupid of reasons (not good when I'm at work). I have gave up on everything, gym, hobbies, work studies, friends contacts. The pains since reduced but not away completely & periods are almost non existent as opposed to being heavy so there is some improvements but I don't know what to do with this deep emptyness feeling I have. After 6 years of annoying several GPs the last place I want to go is back there! is this just the mirena coil or the tiny bit of endo I had or both??!! I am at a complete loss with how to deal with it & myself.

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Hi Hun I had terrible side affects from the coil, it worked so well for the first 14 months stopped my heavy bleeding then wam ban started having loads of side effects and heavier bleeding again, it made me so bad even then the doctors didn't think it was the coil that was effecting me. I was so gutted as I really wanted it to work.... If your not feeling right hun go back the doctors and have a moan that's why they are there xxx

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Ye i know you have to do whats best for you, the coil stops the heavy bleeding but not other things. I had a laparoscopy which helps with bleeding. It can last for years but they say it can come back. And for those poor girls that have problems concieving a lap could help them concieve as long as the endo hasnt done perminent damage. Not alot of doctors give all this info that they should. I think there still learning by people like us telling them what we go through.


About 6 years ago I had the mirena coil fitted (NB Very different from other coils, as it only contains a progesterone-type hormone/substitute, and not any oestrogen-subs).

After several months it worked perfectly in stopping my periods and all pain. However, although I had endo all my adult life (I didn't get a diagnosis until 40) my endo was relatively mild compared to most people's on here, and previously it had been controlled by the pill. I had the mirena fitted when I was over 50, as I had been told to stop taking the pill. At that point, without the pill, my periods were getting much more painful, heavier and more frequent, both from the endo, and as the perimenopause got underway: I also had more general discomfort, eg: hip/muscle/ibs pains etc. All that stopped with the wonderful mirena.

However, I think I might have become a bit more 'down' overall, but in my case I assumed it was part of menopause as my oestrogen was dropping, naturally - as well as the excess that can cause endo now being countered by the progesterone - substitute in the mirena.

You don't say your age, is there any chance it could be perimenopause?

If not, then the 'down-ness' might just be the counter-effect of the progesterone on your oestrogen (often called the 'happy hormone').

I would have it all checked out, but it may just be the pay-off. For me any mild 'down' was worth it to not have the awful period/endo related pains.

I've just had my mirena removed, as I am post-menopause, so I'm interested to see if my mood lifts. But I'm also worried in case the endo pains etc come back. My GP takes the attitude that endo won't come back post-menopause, but I know the experts on here disagree with that, as if the endo was not fully, surgically, removed before I had the mirena, then it can still be lingering, and could return now I don't have a mirena.

Have you been checked out fully at a specialist endo-centre? My understanding from reading loads of posts on here (especially Lindle's) is that endo needs to be fully assessed and surgically removed, as it can all come back, post-mirena, especially if someone is still well short of perimenopause.

Apologies if much of this does not apply - eg menopause, and I really hope you get some good advice and help.

Take care.


Some say endo will go after the menopause but ive also heard that women who have endo will always have it even after the menopause has stopped. I wonder if we will suffer more with the menopause having endo?


Endos enough to make any women feel depressed but the coil does release a hormone in the body sonwether this combine with your own hormones and endo could be having an effect. I was offered a coil but i refused. I take painkillers instead and walk around like a zombie. All depends on each womans body and circumstances but why dont you have the coil removed and see how you feel and see if the doctor can offer you an alternative?


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