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New member a little lost

I'm 24years old with a 4 year old. I am epileptic and have been for 6 years. I had a breast cancer scare recently but all is fine. I'm now dealing with

Pelvis pain

Lower back pain

Pain during sex

Bleeding in between periods

Always tired

Last two days bloating

Irregular periods

Low abdominal pain

Heavy painful periods.

I had a pelvis examination and swabs have been sent off, booked for a US pelvic ultrasound scan in two weeks. Never had a smear. Really concerned if it's endometriosis or something else.

Advice would be grateful



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Hi I am 35 and also epileptic I have also suffered severe prlvic pain for the last year for a while the doctors kept saying my pelvic pain was just an injury from a seizure. I had a laparoscopy eventually 10 days ago but no endometriosis was found! It is hard to deal with two such debilitating conditions especially when you cant find a reason or see an end to either of them. What epilepsy medication do you take?


Thank you for replying. I'm currently on keppra & lamotrogen. We had to combine these to reduce the seizures. Luckily that has done just the job. Waiting for swab results tomorrow then the US pelvic scan on the 16th. My appetite has completely gone and so full after a few mouthfuls and bloating which makes me look pregnant. It's horrible.


Hi the keppra can reduce your appetite so this may be contributing to this good luck with the iltra sound xx


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