A little advice please?

Hello I wonder if people could help me with advice on zoladex? I am in constant pain with my endometriosis and have tried everything going. I am fed up of the severe back ache I get during and between periods. However I see when of the side effects is bad aches and pains. I'm wondering if I'm going to put my body through this just to be left in another bout of pain. I'm a bit scared really. the weight gain worries me as I've just lost nearly two stone after they told me that would help with conception. Now I've been told to try this. Please help x

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  • Hi, I have had several zoladex and I was fine, I don't remember having any side affects. The injection stings a little but was well worth it for the few months I was pain free! Hope it all goes well!

  • Hi, yea i agree, I have just finished my 6 months of injections and the worst side effects I had were itchy skin now and then, and hot flushes. But is worth it for the 6 pain free months. Hope everything goes well.

  • I've just seen so many negatives about it I wAs really considering. I may be the one with no side effects so got to be worth the chance

  • I would definitely recommend zoladex,im actually waiting to see my consultant to ask if i can go back on them! I never had any side effects. Some people worry about it affecting their chances of conceiving afterwards but iv just had baby number 4 after 6 months of zoladex and 3 months of decapeptyl (also good!) x

  • Thanks for your replies they are so reassuring. I am very scared but have to try these things don't we. First injection on weds (please don't give me bad side effects) I just want to be pain free for a little while then I can get back in to the baby making haha

  • I have just had my third injection. Hot flushes not nice. It's putting me off being out at the minute. So worried I'm going to be sat in the corner sweating. My hair has definitely started thinning. BUT I have been pain free for two months and am getting through this by hoping and praying this is going to increase my chances of conceiving in the long run. They have recommended 6 months treatment. I can do this haha x

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