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Recovery time

Hello all. I've just been told I am to have my 2nd op in March (after a year of being told there is nothing they can do).

My symptoms have increased leading them to believe I have Endo now inside my bowels (heavy bleeding from back passage,increased pain) which will need to be removed as well as Endo on the front and back of my womb and uteria gland (connecting kidneys and liver)

Does anyone know the recovery time for this kind of op? Is it really painful? Does it hurt having a stoma? How long do u stay in hospital?

I am still on probation period at new job and haven't told them yet. Unfortunately I won't get paid -more stress😔

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Dear Vincenza,

I have just come across your message and noticed that you have not yet had any reply to your post. I wonder if you might be interested in some information that Endometriosis UK can offer you.

You speak of bladder and bowel related endometriosis and these information packs may be of help:-




There is information to address the questions you have on bowel surgery at: bladderandbowelfoundation.org/

Ahead of a consultation with your gynaecologist, you may find it helpful to complete the following forms and bring them along with you. They are quite comprehensive forms that may help explain your symptoms when trying to move things forward with your specialist:-



As far as pain management is concerned you may find the following of use. (see page 8 onwards for pain relief options). I have also added a few other external links that include complementary therapies:-





Finally, Endometriosis UK offer support options that may suit. They are run by trained volunteers that have been touched by endometriosis themselves. They include face-to-face support groups usually run once a month and are countrywide:-


Online support groups are available for those people who are unable to find a support group in their area or who prefer not to attend a face-to-face meeting. They do not use webcams to maintain anonymity. Again, they are usually run monthly, the next one being on Monday 2nd March 2015at 8:00pm with a guest -speaker, Hannah Short, GP and endometriosis patient:-


Furthermore, there is a freephone helpline where you can speak in complete confidence:-

0808 808 2227

I hope this helps and I wish you well.

Take care,

Simonetta, Endometriosis UK

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Thank you simonetta. I have read the articles on the endouk site. It was also reviews/written by the consultants who will be carrying out my surgery 😊

I didn't want to research any more and scare my self so thank you for the links this will prevent me going onto some poorly advised sites etc

Best wishes


You are most welcome.


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