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Recovery time of laparoscopy and treatment

my boss is needed to know roughly how long I will be off work after my op. I work in a Reception class primary school. My consultant said the hospital will release a 1 week sick note. Would this be long enough?

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I was given a 2 week sick note. I was alright after 1 week but due to the fact I have a manual job requiring a lot of lifting and standing for long periods at a time they wanted to give me the 2 weeks.

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Hi, I think it depends on the person, what they do in the op and the job to be honest.

I was signed off by the hospital for 2 weeks then I was signed off again for another 2 weeks by my gp then went back on part time hours for 2 weeks. My job is a checkout supervisor so I’m on my feet for 8 hours running around so it’s a lot to get back into after time off.

If they remove Endo I think you will need longer then a week off. All I can say is listen to your body and don’t push yourself back into work to quickly.

Good luck with the op. Xx

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I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and I got signed off for 2 weeks. I think it depends on what they do once they are in x


Hi, a week isn't enough, even when it comes to just diagnostic laps. You'll feel exhausted mentally even after the week signed off. I needed a lot more.

My specialist said it would be one week - but that was before they found out I had endo (suspected) - so it was extended as they had to have a look around, and excise some (I'd agreed to that before).

For both my laps (both excision of endo) I'd planned and let work know it would be about two weeks. The first was two weeks signed off and then self certified for another 5 days - I didn't know I could get an extension. The second lap I was signed off for two, had a check up with specialist, signed off for another one. Then as my period was due - it was awful - signed off with GP for another 2. I needed that time though. My first lap was excision of endo on my uterus and bladder plus unsticking organs, biopises and hysteroscopy. My second lap was only removal of endo on the bowel - but it shows that as it's further down it's more invasive and thus can take longer to recover. Everyone's different.

I work at a desk / office, but I am always active, I do walk / get the bus to and from work so my specialist for my second lap thought it best to sign me off for longer as sitting didn't help recovery the first time.

It's difficult to say how much each person needs as it depends on own recovery time, health, activity before, where in the cycle, how much was done, how deep they had to look / go.

I would say to your manager you'll need two weeks off; that's the standard from a lap. When you get your sick note email it to him however long it is, they have to let you have that time off. Then arrange a specialist / GP appointment for before the sick note ends so that should you need more time off you can get an extension so to HR it is just one full time recovering not separate instances. Try not to just manage as you'll end up like I did where I had to self certify then the GP wouldn't sign me off again as I'd "recovered", also HR likes it if it's one continuous sick note. Make sure the extension says the same as your first - something like "post op recovery".

Keep in touch with your manager while off so they know how you're feeling especially before you're due to be back. Spend as much time as you need recovering - you've had an op and it's better to be fully back there than too exhausted and in pain - you'll wear yourself out and need longer off later on.


Hi it also took two weeks for me,first three days were a bit sore but after a week your getting better......😊


I have my endometriosis and adenomiosis removed and also the coil fitted on the 30th november i am still recovering my stitches r still in n in alot of pain but my first time of having it done i was back in work a week after just depends on your self

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Hi I was off for 4 weeks, like you I have a job with lots of running around. I would say 4 to be on the safe side and give you plenty time to recover properly x


Definitely 2 weeks at least. Also depends what they find. If there’s lots of endometriosis you will be under anaesthetic longer, have a lot more work done and therefore have a longer recovery. My surgeon said it takes up to 6 weeks for full recovery for some woman. Most hospitals will give you a 2 week sick note to start with which you can extend through your GP if necessary x


I had 2 weeks and was feeling Back to 'normal' about a month . good luck xxx


I was given a sick note for 4 weeks, but felt okay after 2 weeks. I had endometriosis removed from my ovaries which had become very enlarged, so more invasive than diagnostic. I couldn’t lift anything for nearly the full 4 weeks though as I could feel it pulling internally. Everyone is different though, but at least 2 weeks I’d say.


As a reception teacher myself, and also awaiting my first lap, I couldn't imagine anything worse than going back into work after just one week! We are constantly up and down and running around, it is a non-stop job and I will certainly be pushing for a minimum of 2 weeks. Please take care of your health first over your job :)

Good luck! Xxx


I was signed of for 2


I wanted to go back after a week but i was so lethargic and sore

Still i knew i would b useless..

best to not overdo it...


It depends on severity of disease, what they're able to accomplish during the time and what you do as a job.

If you are having a first diagnostic lap 2-3wks usually sufficient. And this is fine for a desk job - you will be able to walk around easy enough by 2 wks post lap, though you might be tired and sore up until 6-8wks after (have help at home, go to bed early after dinner for the first few wks you are back at work)

If it is excision surgery involving multiple surgeons you're talking 6-8wks up to 3 months.

There is the general advice - take at least a wk off, 3wks if you have a physical job x


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