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Symptoms/side effects after endo removal and Mirena fitting

Hi all

Hope anyone reading this is well and having a good day :)

Just over two weeks ago I had a laparoscopy plus endo treatment; it went really smoothly and my consultant removed what she described as 'two really tiny spots' of endo, which she wasn't convinced accounted for all my pain. The only other thing she picked up was that she thought my appendix looked 'a bit strange' - shorter and fatter than she would expect - and she's sent picture to another surgeon for an opinio (I've not heard anything back about this yet; need to chase!).

My recovery from the op has been a mixed bag: particularly to start with i had very little pain, which I feel fortunate about. about 5 days after I started getting sharp stabbing pains in the very lower part of the abdomen and was concerned it could be a problem with the Mirena, but saw a GP and they weren't concerned and said it's probably just the tissues healing, which I was happy with and this has subsided now. The main thing that's troubled me is tiredness and diziness, which I put down to the anaesthetic initially but since I was only under for about 45 minutes it must be out of my system by now!

Having been feeling alright over the weekend and on Monday, I decided to cycle to work on Tuesday (dasy before yesterday); I thought it wouldn't be too strenuous as I'm used to cycling a lot and I hoped it'd help me feel more energised as lack of exercise makes me feel sluggish. Unfortunately I found the cycling itself really challenging and felt unwell all day (diziness, nausea, tiredness and tummy pain). A couple of times I felt very similar to how I often felt before the op, which was concerning. Anyway, I've decided to rest a few more days and try a gentle cycle at the weekend. Yesterday I woke up feeling positive and felt generally ok except I ended up with a migraine (there's always something!!).

Today, again I'm trying to stay positive but I'm having ongoing tummy pain and bleeding. this has gone on for about a week now, which could be normal as I've had my period, but I'm also feeling a little dizzy again. I'm struggling to decipher what's general recovery, what's due to time of the month, what might be caused by the Mirena and what could be continuing endo or unexplained symptoms. I know I need to give it time till I'm fully recovered and my body's had time to adjust to the Mirena, but I'm just wondering if anyone can relate to any of these experiences and wouldn't mind sharing?

Thanks for reading my rambling and looking forward to hearing from some of you :)


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IHello, sorry you are feeling like this, but perhaps your body needs more time to recover, take it easy, don't over do things, good luck


It's so tricky knowing what to do for the best, as not exercising has a horrible effect on my mood and makes me feel more lethargic!


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