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Been on mini pill (cerelle) for 6 months which has completley stopped bleeding but I'm still getting a lot of pain around period time!

I was just wondering if this was normal and am I stupid to expect and think that I would ever be pain free with this disease? Surely it can't have grown back already only had a lap done end of nov but I can honestly say I've not been pain free at all since having lap done :-(. Do I go back to doctors and try something else or do I stick on this? Surely it's a good thing not to bleed or does it not make an difference? Feeling very fed up and depressed as don't know what to do? Any advice greatly appreciated. Nikki x x

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If your still in pain my guess is they didn't remove all the endo do you know if the burnt or excised it ? Found out some useful information on gynaecology.me take a look very informative. Xx



Thank you for your reply. It was burnt of but don't know much as has no follow up app with surgeon just told me as soon as I'd come round from anesthetic and to tri cycle with combined pill or coil. I asked for a copy of my notes but sent a letter to me saying I needed to pay £80 admin charge was shocked!!! I've actually seen that surgeon who set up that we page at one of the group meetings

And my first impression of him was wow I wish he had done my op. :0) I can't bare the thought of having to have more surgery I really can't :-(


Which tri cycle are they trying in you on as I have just been prescribed amotriptaline (if that's how you spell it) not sure how I feel about taking it ! But looks like excision is the only way forward but need a specialist to carry this out or it's worth nowt! But the centre I looked at looks amazing with a level of understanding that doesn't appear to be run of the mill. Xx


Im not tri cycling the surgeon recommended that but my doctor put me on cerelle. It's a nightmare too as I'm moving house next Monday to a conpletley different area so it feel like in going to have to start all over again :-( I really don't know what to do but the pain has been so bad since Thursday I feel so down now. I feel I can't cope emotionally when I feel like this as it's so draining. What centre is that? Do you still have a lot of pain? I've not heard of that is it the combined pill? Good luck I hope it works for you of you do decide to take it! X x


Hi Nikki, I have just today seen your reply to one of my threads two weeks ago. Hope you are feeling better. I am afraid I didn't get on very well at all with Cerelle. I was on it for 6 months, after I had to come off microgynon due to a visual disturbance. The whole time I was on it I had intermittent pelvic pain and it didn't stop my cycle at all and I had irregular bleeding and bad ovulation pain. I am now back on the combined pill (one week in) and I feel better but still have the cramping pain! I completely understand how you feel. It sounds to me positive that Cerelle has stopped your bleeding and maybe if you stick with it a bit longer the pain will subside to, I think the problem is that it takes a long time to adjust to a pill and the different hormone levels. I had no problems at all on microgynon for 10 years but problems as soon as I came off it! (I had surgery 10 years ago) and been fine since, until now. Take care and hope you feel better, hugs K.T xx


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