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Has anyone been prescribed the Progestogen-only Pill for Endometriosis?


I've been on the combined pill for my endometriosis for about 5 years, but as my BMI is over 30 my GP has decided it's too much of a risk for her to take so she would like to start me on a POP (Cerazette). Does anyone have any experience of a progestogen-only pill with regards to endometriosis?

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Hi there,

I was on Cerazette for 3yrs previous to being diagnosed with endo, although it stopped my periods I still had all the pain in my tummy, pain when passing water and opening my bowels. But I know that is usually the first treatment they use to treat endo.

Embo in reply to brighteyesjas

Hello, thanks for the answer.

Did Cerazette stop your periods all together? I was told that it could be very hit-and-miss whether you bleed continuously, spot, or stop completely, and as the whole point of endometriosis treatment is to prevent/control the amount of periods you have this seemed like a strange choice of pill..?

You said you were on it previous to being diagnosed, so did your GP/consultant keep you on it after they found out about the endometriosis?

i bled continullaly on cerazette still had pain and endo came back they have to try it though cos it is the first treatment for endo it just didnt work with me im gonna have the coil now but im very nervous cos dont like the idea of it but have no choice really its life like this or have the coil and they say it will get better so that might be an option for you i dunno hope you get the result that you want x

Yeah it stopped my periods all together, but I also each person is different it may not work the same for you. No due to me having constant pain while on it and experiencing other problems such as constant kidney infections due to the endo they suspect growing on my kidneys, they stopped the Cerazette when I was diagnosed and started me on 6 months of prostap injections which put me in to a early menopause and also livial which is hrt. But unfortunately after 3months I had an allergic reaction and my periods started again and lasted each time for over 2wks so last month they started me on a zodalex implant. I hope the Cerazette works for you and you get some relief soon.

Have you had any other treatment suggested for it?

Embo in reply to brighteyesjas

I had a laparoscopy 5 years ago and they managed to cauterise most of the endometriosis, but since then I've been on Dianette (combined-pill) to keep it under control. To have a break from the Dianette I've also tried Cilest and Levest, neither of which have worked for me, but I haven't been prescribed a progestogen-only pill before. I understand how everyone reacts differently so I'll give anything a go once...

That is the only trouble with there being no cure for endo, the treatment to ease it is more on a trial and error basis. I really hope you get the help you need and the Cerazette does some good. You will have to let me know how you get on with it.

i hated cerazette ,bled constant ,pain ,headaches ,wasnt for me xx

i have been on cerazette for 3 months and did bleed for two weeks and then stopped altogether but giving me too many side affects like moody and feeling well low, ratty and emotional!! but like they said it might work on some people or not and after than i was put on provera tablets not the injections and it was alright and having 5 days break but i had no period none whatever it was fab but it was making me miserable so i asked the gynae to describe something else and he did suggest combined pill but i smoke too much and it not good for that hehe now i am on micronor which is lower and better and i feels better and no pain but had a little period twice but i am late this month or maybe no period this month but had a little pain but nothing major compared to yours!! so give it a try and if not good after 3 months and go back and ask for something else!! and combined pill probably will help but you will still get period in breaks with this mini pill is everyday pill none stop and always the same time!! good luck

i think it's all trial and error. i bled constantly on cerazette and was in more pain as a result. i was ill the whole time.

we're all so different and all docs can do is try. i feel like a guinea-pig sometimes.

i'll be trying a herbalist in the near future as i'm allergic to many pharmaceuticals.

From reading the answers it seems as if everyone has had a different experience of this. I was on cerazette for just over a year, it stopped my periods altogether, I had no bleeding in between and the pain totally stopped. i came off it as I want to try for a baby and the pain only came back slightly, nothing to what it was like before.

HI, I was on cerazette it worked fairly well until I started getting break through bleeding and I then took 2 of the pills everyday which helped for awhile until I stared bleeding again. I had pain everyday before I started on it and the pain didnt get better but at least I wasnt having periods for awhile. A friend of mine (without endo) has been on it for years and she swears by it. I think it's worth trying if you don't react well to it, it's easy to come off. There are quiet a few different mini pills available which you might react differently to so maybe worth trying a few differents ones to see if you can get one that works for you. xx

The good thing about Cerazette over other progetogen-only pills and the Mirena is that it does stop ovulation most of the time, similar to a combined pill. I have been on it twice and found it to be ok. The only problem, the second time round, was that I started bleeding very painfully for a few weeks, which made me go back on the combined pill. It doesn't matter which combined pill you use, as long as you "get on" with it in terms of side effects and bleeding control.

I would use Cerazette again, in fact I am going to ask about it tomorrow when I see my GP as I am having lots of pain on Cilest. Some women find that taking 2 Cerazette pills help during pain or bleeding. I was told it can take 6 months for bleeding to stop completely.

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