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Was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to combat this horrible bloating I have had these past 2 days,I look like how I did at 7 months pregnant... I am so uncomfortable and I know it's all down to my endo and my endometrioma,I am waiting for my 2nd lap in April.. I have hardly eaten a thing as I feel so full,I'm drinking plenty of water and peppermint tea..

Any suggestions welcome...



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  • I'd like to know some tips on this too I'm normally a size 8 and and when I'm wearing my clothes I look pregnant so I have now started wearing my husbands clothes or something baggy. I just feel constantly full and keep getting moaned at for not eating but just don't feel like it at all X

  • I find taking buscopan helps me alot, i also get the heavily pregnant look during endo times. It helps with the severe bloating and bowel spasms. I know its meant for IBS, but my consultant swears by it for endo side effects :-) everyones endo is different tho so it may not work, but worth a try! X

  • Also, ive completely cut out caffiene and I never realised how bad the bloating was until I stopped! So try that too maybe :-)

  • Thanks so much,I'm going to give both a try...it's definately worth a shot...I've come on this morning,first period in 6 months plus but I shouldn't be having them as I have a coil and have done since December 2012...very frustrating...my body isn't coping well with it at all...I can't wait for my operation in April to feel better.. Thanks for your advice x

  • Try stopping the peppermint tea as it can actually exacerbate bloating, I take buscopan and milk of magnesia which helps, good luck xx

  • Thanks very much,you learn something new everyday x thanks again for your advice x

  • I found cutting down on wheat (I only have bread at the weekend and then only proper bakery stuff) and switching cows milk for lactofree, has helped me. Have a look at the endo diet (there's links to websites if you do a search on here). I also take psylium husks to keep my bowel moving properly, as I find I don't want to eat if I'm constipated.

  • Thanks charliesays...I don't eat bread really as I have a wheat intolerance and I don't have cereal so no milk but I do have milk in my tea/coffee so I'm going to get some lactofree milk and try that...thanks for your advice x

  • I don't think Amy's tried Buscopan / Milk of Magnesia, do you find that your 'endo belly' can come on and off within hours?

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