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Best treatment: Get pregnant

Yesterday 16th Feb, I saw my OBGYN and once more was strongly advised to get pregnant at-least twice so I could have a hysterectomy. This I have heard for the last 5 years since being diagnosis with Endometriosis. I remember so clear being at working in a research clinic in 2007 and having this pain that i got rushed to the ER and was given Ibuprofen.... subsequently i was treatment for multiple UTIs and PIDs, but no the pain got worst. I have had a diagnosis of fibroid with one OBGYN telling me "an empty house breeds bad things that is what is happening to you"

I did agree to start on Zoladex and got my first shot yesterday (costing me GBP131 per shot as this is not covered by my health insurance) I am not sure of what to expect as I do not know anyone around me that has endometriosis.

Moreso, just explaining the pain and what I am going through is so annoying. I recently read some things off someone's blog and yes that put a smile to my face as i did get asked all these questions in the last 3 days

“Have you tried Ibuprofen or paracetamol? it works just fine for me"

“I mean, you look like you feel well right now is it really that bad?"

“If there isn’t a cure, you’re going to need to just toughen up and get over it. Alternatively get pregnant for some random guy atleast if that will help"

“It could be worse, at least you don’t have cancer or HIV?

“Yeah you mean menstrual cramps (giggles) you will be fine, just get some rest okay"

so I am hoping that anyone who has taken Zoladex can share their experiences with me...

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I'm currently on my 2nd course of zoladex. My first round was from april 2013 after I had my laparotomy. The only symptom I had was hot flushes so overall it wasn't bad. I still got periods some months though but they weren't painful at all. I was hoping to get pregnant after but that hasn't happened yet...I haven't even gotten a pregnancy scare. I'm back on zoladex again because my endo has returned...I even have a small cyst on my navel. We're hoping that it shrinks the endo enough for me to get my BFP.


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