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advice please?!

Good morning girls,

I've been tossing and turning all night, I awoke at to a horrible pain in the right hand side of my pelvis, only way to explain it is like something has or is going to burst?

The pain is shooting from the bottom of my back, through to my stomach, down my groin & down my right leg.

its coming on in waves, eases off for a little then comes back on really bad for about a minute & I'm rocking myself & moaning due to the pain, I've had 2 paracetamol & 30mg of codeine, I'm tempted to reach for my Oral morphine. I rang nhs 111 and they've told me to see my gp. I don't know what to do girls? I've also started to spot brown and red blood, I have the Mirena fitted & it doesn't feel like the usual pain I get when I'm going to bleed, just feels like something is going to burst? I have no appendix so I know it's not that, my tummy is also very tender on the right hand side and it hurts when I move?

any advice would be really appreciated xxx

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Hi Hun get yourself to a&e and get sorted. Let us know how you get on xxxxx


Hi Shaz I too am now getting this. Mine is left sided and kind of feels like my ovary is going to rupture. Goes from severe deep aching to throbbing pain. When it comes I am certain that something is going to burst. I think mine is when I am ovulating, could that be the same for you, I mean when you would be ovulating as you have the coil? Can you tolerate anti inflammatories? I find they work best when I get this pain. I know I don't have any cysts so assume it's the Endo. Get an appointment with your GP if it continues or you are worried.



Hey girls thank you for your replies, just been to gp, said I've got a tiny bit of infection in my urine so given me antibiotics. don't think he really knows what is going on tbh, just said take my painkillers & go a&e if it gets any worse.

Going have a hot bath and see if that helps any then try and have a nap, zobified on bloody painkillers, the joys eh!xx

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Hi, I would get checked over. I had this with the coil and the coil was located in the wrong place and I had a raging infection. I hope it's not this for you but it's always best to get checked. Xx


Hi clare :)

thank you for your reply, the pain did settle towards the night and the bleeding stopped too, I went away for the weekend Friday and Saturday, I awake this morning to pain in my lower abdo which I usually get if my bladder is full, so I had a wee and opened my bowels and the pain was still there, I've now started to bleeding bright red blood little heavy so wondering if the pain was because I was about to bleed xxx


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