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6 month wait

I had my appointment with the gynaecologist just before Christmas and was put on the list for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. After a pretty rubbish few weeks with pelvic, back and hip pain and generally feeling low, I rang the hospital this morning to find out how long it'd be until my op. Was told that as I'm a 'routine' patient it will probably be 6 months from my appointment. This takes me to the end of June.

I feel like crying. Not sure I'm coping particularly well at the moment and my husband and I have been trying for a baby for a while so this extra wait seems like a slap in the face. How long have people waited for their laparoscopy?

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Have you had an ultrasound? Do you have any swelling?


Can you be put on the cancelation list? I can't remember how long I waited for mine but was quicker as I took a cancelled slot.


Hi, sorry that your wait will be a long one, I'm on the waiting list also, my appointment was 12 th January and I've been told 14 weeks longest but should be end March, fingers crossed for you, xxx


Yes I has an ultrasound in November which showed fibroids, cysts and a suspected fusing together of the ovaries due to endo. I saw the consultant fairly quickly after this but he didn't seem too concerned about any of it, which could be a good thing I suppose. But here I am worrying myself sick, convinced I'll never have a baby and think I might have lost my mind by the time this op comes round.

Maybe I'm just having a bad few weeks and things will pick up soon.


Hi, I'm also on the waiting list, called hospital last week to be told that because it's major surgery I could be waiting til may/June. The waiting is awful especially when your feeling so ill and in constant pain. Hugs xx


I feel your pain.

I had my appt at the beginning of December where i was told i will be put back on the operation list for second Lap. I was told i will be waiting a little longer due to the specialist wanting to do it.

I phoned on friday and was told that the NHS bed crisis had affected my hospital and will be waiting a long time. I too am down as routine and wanting to start trying. I was advised i will be waiting till May/June. This will be 7 months on the list! Crazy!!

I am on the cancellation list however advised that they are cancelling people daily and my surgeon only works Mondays so would be extremely lucky if i were to get an appt.

Hope you get one soon


Is it worth looking at how much it would cost to go private or get health insurance? I had insurance through work when I got my referral and got a lap two weeks after I saw the gyne for the first time.

Try not to worry about your fertility. Endo doesn't mean you are infertile and even if there is a problem there is so much that can be done to help. How long have you been trying? If it's more than 18 months you could get a fertility clinic referral too.

If you do have to wait six months then try to keep busy, book a holiday (doesn’t have to be abroad if you’re worried about a cancellation coming up last minute), invite friends/family over or plan an outing. I find that if you have a few things to look forward to it saves you going insane over thinking and makes the time fly by quicker.

You can get stuck in a cycle when TTC of getting hopes up and then feeling devastated when your period comes, especially if it’s really painful. I know it’s hard to be social when all you want to do is avoid people and go to ground but I know I feel so much better if I force myself out of the house.

I won’t say try to relax coz that’s easier said than done but do try to fill up your diary with distractions and the time will fly by xx


Hi there,

Well I was waiting for about 8 weeks and was in so much pain went to my GP in agony in my dressing gown and requested my GP to send a fax to my consultant to move me up the list. Due to this my laptasvoy cane through within 7 days really quickly.

My advice is if your suffering go to your Doctor and explain your on the waiting list. They may be able to help you.

All the best and im sure you won't be waiting that long ️xx


Thanks, I think I'm going to go to see my GP this week and find out if there's anything he can either do to speed the process along with the hospital or if there's something he can give me to take the edge off the pain.

Best wishes to you all.


I waited 11 months from seeing GP, 8 months from seeing the gynae. In that time I had 2 ultrasounds and an MRI.


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