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Weight management?

I suffer from pcos and hidden endo, ive just had the coil fitted do any of you struggle with weight management? Im 5'2" and weigh 12 stone which classes me as obese, i work out 3-4 times a week when i feel okay, keep a balenced diet and just cant seem to shift it! I wear size 10 clothing and have lost inches so don't think i look what I weigh but ive been told by friends with pcos and doctors its not uncommon for us to weigh more than we look and it is common for endo and pcos sufferers to put on weight easily but i dont understand why! Could any of you help me out or have any tips? Ive tried 5:2, detoxing, weight watchers stuck for ideas now!

Hope you can help


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is it a mirena coil? i lost about 2 stone a few months into having this- cos the hormones are localised and not with pill- i retained water i think. Wheat Free diet is wonderful for pain and endometriosis and really helps reduce weight cos carbs are limited to potatoes and rice- have you tried it?


Its the jaydess as I'm 20 they said it would be more suitable but not sure why, i havent ill give that a go! Ive heard a few mixed things with the coil but ill give it a go hopefully it will make me loose some, thanks!!


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