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I miss the old me!

Basically i need a big moan, I posted the other day how I was passing blood and allsorts through my bowel, well the next day I came on my period, so this is most likely my bowels way of letting me know I'm coming on my period, i had my first zoladex injection a few week ago so obviously still hadnt stopped me having my period, I spent three days in hospital! I can't control the pain at home, I'm on butrans patches because any tablets I throw straight back up, oramorph too, but still the pain has me screaming in agony, I like to think I have a strong pain freshold but when I do come on, I always end up saying give me a gun and let me end it! I have been off work two months, im like a different person every minute of the day I'm in pain, I'm so tired all the time, every time I go to the loo, my endo kicks in at it hurts so bad! If anyone is on zoladex how long did it take to kick in with you? My sick note runs out in two weeks, I work in a pharmacy and there is no such thing as take it easy, im so scared of going back! When I was in hospital all they kept giving me was lots of antibiotics through IV, this made me violently sick, I kept saying to them, my CRP levels are high because of the severe endometriosis I have, but no they kept feeding it me, thinking I had PID! Was infuriating! I felt like a lab rat, all my diagnosing is at the private hospital so the nhs hospital had nothing to go off but my word! And treat me for what they thought was PID, I was suppose to come off my period yesterday, still on..still in agony...trying to remain positive... But every stab and toilet go, I'm loosing my positivity :(

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I,m so sorry this affecting your life to such extreme....you sound like you are in a really bad place and I'm not surprised !!

I still cannot believe that this day and age endometriosis in its extreme has not been cured or controlled to some degree.

Poor poor you I feel for you I have been there too the only way I could mangage was to think 'this will stop soon'its really hard I know .I had an amazing nearly two years on zoladex pain free I hope you can too

take care xxxxx


Thankyou so much for your kind words!! I keep thinking it has to stop soon, me and my boyfriend are looking into ivf after my 6 months on zoladex as we haven't got any children yet, I'm 28 and desperate for them! Fingers crossed my new specialists will shine the light and show us that it may be possible to have kids, only four more weeks until I find out! Thankyou again for your kind words! Means a lot xxx


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