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Worried something will be missed at Laparoscopy

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So after what feels like forever, after a 6 months trial on Zoladex and getting no where I am finally getting a lap on the 29th of August. Although I am slightly apprensive of the surgery I am pleased I am finally getting somewhere and hopefully this will be start of getting my life back and knowing what is wrong with me.

They still haven't officially diagnosed endometriosis but that is what they are looking for. And are also going to fit a coil whilst I'm under.

My biggest fear is they don't find anything! I'm convinced my symptoms are endo especially with my linked bowel problems too. But the bleeding is too much now, they have to find something! However after reading all the posts and stories on here I'm frightened because I'm under a general gynae, something will be missed and I'll be no further forward...

Does anyone have any advice? I have my pre op on Tuesday coming, should voice my concerns then and tell them they need to have a good look at the bowel area too?

Any replys would be greatly appreciated!

Lauren x

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I would definitely mention your bowel symptoms and that this area should be closely looked at.

I've been lucky in that my first referral was to a BSGE centre because that is my local hospital.

Depending on the outcome of your lap you could ask to be referred there for any further treatment you may need.


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Thank you for your reply x

I have this fear too, I've been told by my GP to voice all my concerns and because I get anxious around doctors she also suggested I type everything out on my phone to read out to my gynae doctor so i don't miss or forget anything. Just hope your lap comes back pos and puts your mind at rest x

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Yeah I'm going to write everything down and take it with me next week, thank you x

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good luck x

I was concerned like you are. However, I'm not in the U.K. (But the American forums are hardly ever active so I hope everyone doesn't mind..) so it's a bit different here. I had my operation 1 week ago and I was worried they wouldn't find anything. Luckily, they found a small patch of endometriosis that was removed.

If you're concerned they won't be thorough, remind them multiple times where you want them to look. Tell them during pre op and right before your operation. Let everyone that you see know! (I did this with my request to not have a uterine manipulator used for personal reasons you can see on my page if you want. I also have a sort of log of how things went before and after.)

Unfortunately, sometimes endo can be missed by the naked eye so if for some reason they don't find anything (I hope this is not your case) it is possible that you have it.

I hope it goes well and feel free to message me if you have questions I may be able to answer x

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Ah thank you, I've been following your posts - they have been really helpful. What is happening with you now, will you have a follow up? I will keep you posted and thank you again x

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I'm glad they've helped!

I am currently healing and doing well. I'm on a new birth control pill so hopefully that will help with my endo and PCOS symptoms. I have a follow up appointment August 29th so I will know more then.

take care in the mean time x

I had a laparoscopy 4 months ago now. No endometriosis was found and when I woke up from surgery I could have cried. Sounds stupid as no one wants endometriosis but my symptoms point to it and I want an explanation for why I am in so much pain.

I know my body and I aren't in pain for no reason! So keep pushing, keep fighting and demand to see other consultants. As it turned out there was blood found in my abdominal cavity which I later found out and the surgeon did not remove it. I paid to see a private gynaecologist and he said the blood could be hiding anything or even causing problems but most importantly should not be there! But now I am getting answers, I have been put on prostap injections for 3 months before having another laparoscopy by my new gynaecologist to remove the blood and look for endometriosis. I have only just started the injections but feel so relieved that there is a plan in place and a dr who believes me and I have full faith in.

Fingers crossed you get your answers during your laparoscopy but if nothing is found, keep pushing! I know how draining it can be but you will get answers. Good luck x

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Thank you so much for your reply, I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the answers you needed straight away. But it's good to know that these things do happen and there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Keep me posted how you go x

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