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Constant period

It's just a need to vent really. My periods have been coming one week on, one week off for several months now. It was the same when I first started periods when I was 10, and since then I've been on a variety of different birth control treatments to control it. I stopped about a year ago to start a family and finally got my period back in November. Since then I I've gone back to my old pattern, even though they tell me there is hardly any endo in me. I'm going for an ultrasound on Monday to find out if I have any ovary issues and I'm terrified. I really want a family and my depression is getting out of control with the wild hormones and the pain and I'm on the brink of a total meltdown. And my husband is on military exercise out of the country.

Sorry for the rant

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Rant away! Sometimes we need it! It must be difficult for you as all the options I guess are also contraception and therefore not suitable for you. Have you tried any holistic therapy? I have found that massage and reflexology has been a help to me. I have actually started attending meditation classes which has helped me with stress levels. I have to be honest I thought that kind of thing was a load of rubbish before I tried it and started to see the benefits. Best of luck in your journey x


Don't get discouraged. I felt the same way for years. I have two kids, a 11 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. My 11 year old is my husbands step daughter. After having her I was told I had a 70% chance I couldn't have another child due to prolonged bleeding and scarring and cancerous cells. My husband an I tried year after year and finally my daughter was 6 at the time when we were honored with our son. Which I had worse complications after having him. Then I was told I had endometriosis hyperplasia I was put on a low estrogen birth control, mainly a male hormone and the hyperplasia was gone but not the endometriosis. I had a laparoscopy with D&C done in 2012, felt great for 8 months, then flared up again even worse. After many doctor visits and refusing to take the injections, I now 18 weeks pregnant with another child. I was told by three doctors I couldn't have kids again and here I am having another, which is hard, I'm pregnant, pre menopausal and have endometriosis but keep your head up and leave it all in Gods hands!


I am 56. Endo all my life - just diagnosed last year - just small amounts . Never had children because had dysfunctional pain & bleeding since age 15 & relied on pill to create a normal life. Had ovarian failure from age 37. Age 42 the ovaries started working properly every month (but periods very painful). Age 53 the menoapuse began. Your scan tomorrow is a good thing. DONT PANIC. some women's ovaries do not function normally and the reasons are not always known - but stress will certainly not help you. Your husband is away (awful) my ex-husband was a deep sea diver and never at home and I dealt with all gynae stuff on my own. You must get support (counselling emotional family friends etc etc ) to see this though. if you want kids you may have to go down the IVF route because your ovaries may just be dysfunctional - not diseased. I was told that the endo I had for decades would not have caused my dysfunctional ovaries. You probably have separate issues that all need addressing. The NHS has so many services now that can help all aspects. In the 1970's and 80's there was nothing. I wish there had been.


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