Big and thick bloody fleshy piece came out with period on pill to treat suspected endo ?

I've recently been on the cilest pill for 5 weeks taking back to back to stop periods. From day 1 I felt like I was getting worse (as how I was in the beginning of this all September last year) each week Ive been gradually getting worse but last week which was nearly 5th week I started getting weird coloured discharge only when wiping (pink and brown which I've never had) then a few nearly black stringy flesh bits came out which def did not look like a normal period like blood clot and then I had a one time period which was red and watery and then again when I was only wiping ranging in different colours and textures then next day came on properly. So I rung dr and she changed me to a mini pill to try until I have lap done. So I started that yesterday having taken cilest day before. All day yesterday I felt like I was in labour again of which I have had these pains since I've been ill but not for a while. Pain calmed a bit and then I felt something when I was walking so looked and there was this big abnormal looking piece of flesh with blood going through it and a few little black bits. The pain then started coming back again stronger. I was very alarmed by this so I went to the Drs and he said it doesn't look like anything to worry about and judging it what he's seen with others changing pills but not judging it on my whole situ with everything including changing pill. I'm going back Thursday to see main dr to show her. The dr I had today did say he'd send it off but then when he saw it didn't but still feel he maybe should've to be safe anyway. What does everyone think about this? I'd just really like some opinions on this please. X

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  • Sorry it's such a long post guys! Also I have a picture of it but wasn't sure about posting...

  • Look up endometrial cast see if the images are the same as your picture xxxx

  • Hi. Thanks for replying. It does look similar actually yeah. My mum researched and said it looked like a decidual cast but they're related to pregnancy of which I'm not. It could still contain endometriosis cells though or something couldn't it as its from same area? Xx

  • Birth control Or surgery was all every doctor ever said to me. keep us posted on how the lap goes!

  • Oh really? Yeah he was blaming it on pills.. I haven't had any surgery at all. I just think it could still be worth sending it off though as could speed up process of a diagnosis at least!! Ahh thank you. I will.. Hopefully it comes through soon! Xx

  • Hi there,

    I had the exact same thing after taking Ridgevidon pill. I was told by my gynea and GP to take it for 3 months back to back to get a bit of respite from all the pain I'd been having but I got so ill after I was half way through the second pack and I was getting what I can only describe as contractions (I've never given birth but this is all I can describe it as), but straight after the 'contractions' I passed a couple of large lumps of what looked like liver. I passed these on the toilet though so they got flushed away.

    I ended up going to hospital as the bleeding and pain was that bad and I kept getting asked if I was sure I wasn't pregnant... like I needed reminding how my useless body won't work properly!! In the end I gave up taking the Ridgevidon as I didn't feel it was doing me any favours and was in fact making things worse for me.

    After reading the replies on here I looked up endometrial cast and it looked just like it. Was really scary at the time!

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Mine to was also when I was on ridgevidon pill. Was very scary and posted on here and someone said to look up endometrial cast which it looked identical and when my gp sent it away for amylasation it was endometrial cast lab said it was. Hope you all having a better day xxxx

  • Hi xMMx,

    Sorry for late reply!! Ahh.. I was told by my gynae to trial pill for 6 months!!! But luckily my dr didn't agree and we decided and agreed on two cycles. But the one I've changed to I have to take until I have laparoscopy. Yes exactly like thad isn't it? I've given birth once and yeah it was like dejavu labour pains. It got sent off and was normal changes in womb due to pills. Think I'll give up on this pill too if this don't start working soon! The dr took swab around same time I passed that flesh piece and it came back with an unspecified bug so he's put me on antibiotics for 5 days 1 tablet 4 times a day. But now I feel even more worried because I'm thinking what the hell could that be. I was tested for infection and everything in beginning which came back fine, haven't been having sex (not that I'd be able to).. Any ideas of what it could be ??


  • No sorry hun, haven't a clue what that could be. Can't believe the drs can't tell you and all they've said is its an u specified bug!

    I had a period at weekend , shouldn't have done as I'm in Prostap until my next surgery. I Had a diagnostic lap in January and now waiting bowel resection and clean up of all stage 4 endo. I emailed the nurse who told me it was normal for some women to get bleeding. The body is a strange thing!!

    Hope you feelimg better x

  • Hello. Sorry I haven't been on here much recently; dunno if that's good or bad thing! Lol. Thanks for replying. Yeah I know.. I rang my main dr the other day about something and she was able to tell me the bug was nothing worrying and a general bacterial one that causes the discharge only so that's good obviously and she said it sounds like it's cleared up based antibiotics clearing all discharge (even healthy normal kind). But the dr before seemed quite concerned and had little info hence why I was worried too so that's weird. Oh that flesh piece came back normal too. Ohh really? Ahh good luck with all the rest! Yes it is indeed!! Thank you. Xx

  • Hi Siana just wanted to reassure you any one can have this happen but it is more common with certain pills. I had this whilst on nothing at all and would have been really freaked out by it if I hadn't read a post on here from someone about it just a few weeks before it happened. The unspecified bug probably has nothing to do with it and is more likely along the lines of bacterial vaginosis (bv) which is very common. So try not to worry. Take care.

  • Hello Jean. Thanks for taking time to message me on here. Okay thank you.. I didn't know that until recently when results came back normal from that and they said it was changes in the womb due to pills so that made me feel better. Yeah of course you would of, prob more freaked out than I was lol as as you said wasn't on anything whereas I was. It's just the weirdest thing I've ever known to come out that way before. Yes you're right about the bug too! When someone else seems worried it makes you more that way doesn't it? I followed up on that above.. Thank you for all info. Because I'm still undiagnosed and it's been nearly 7 months with all guessing I've just found myself worrying about anything and everything! I don't have any extra things to worry about now apart from gaining my diagnosis, etc.. x

  • Good luck Hun.

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