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Tube not working "as it should"

Hi ladies, I had my lap Monday.

My right ovary was fused to the wall cavity with adhesions which they took apart. Adhesions also on the rectual cavity(fit!) and endo over both sides which they got rid of. But they had to leave the rectual ones because would make too much a mess.

Anyway, they also did a dye test through my fallopian tubes. The one on the left " wasn't working as it should". This is what the consultant told me and said there was no blockage. I couldn't ask him to elaborate on this because at the time I was concentrating on not puking over him! Ha ha.

So after my brain started to function, I wondered what this meant. The nurses didn't know either?!

Has anyone else has a fallopian tube not " working as it should" without a blockage?

Thank u as always for your on going support xx

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Hi, could he have meant that you have fluid in the tube ie a hydrosalpinx or that the cilia in the tube which move the egg along the tube are damaged. Sometimes, it doesn't take much pressure to unblock a blocked tube in which case it's not blocked anymore but the inside of the tube is damaged which was the case for me.

After my recent lap (my fifth) I've had to have my tubes removed as they kept filling up with toxic fluid after each lap.


Hi dan. Thank you for your reply. That makes total sense now thank u. A friend said that her consultant said of the due didn't go through it could just be because of the effects of the anesthetic. Have u heard of this? Weird one worked and other didn't if this was the case? X


Hi, never heard of the anaesthetic blocking a tube !!!


Sorry should have said not blocked, all clear, just not pumping the dye through as it should.


Maybe it's possible that the anaesthetic has paralyzed the smooth muscle temporarily and stopped the tube contracting and hence stopped it pumping the dye but I always thought the dye is pushed through the tube with pressure and not left in the tube to pump through it.

Still doesn't make sense to me, sorry !!


No it doesn't to me either. Ha ha. I was wondering if it make sense to anyone else. It's always a shame there is no black and white answer to any of this. I think medically your explanation makes more sense than what my friends gyne told her. Mine certainly didn't mention this. Although to be fair he didn't say a lot and wasn't very clear in what he was saying. Just wish I wasn't so zonked out and feeling sick after the op to have engaged my brain properly to ask him all the questions I have now. Agh x


Hi after my lap I had a damaged tube because some of the endo was attached to it as when they removed it it was damaged. The dye still went through fine though indicating there still a chance for pregnancy. A year later I fell pregnant! I would still check with the cons to confirm what they meant.


Hi lovely, I had the same comment but luckily my gynea was also the surgeon and was great! Mine was due to the fact my tube goes into spazm so although mine was partially blocked aswell he decided not to clear it as even if he did nothings getting through becuase it spazms and closes when dye tries to go through.

Could this be the saem for you perhapse?

hope this helps x


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