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Surgeon removed adhesions. Is it Endo?

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I finally got my laparoscopy done today! After years of pain and terrible symptoms!

Well I was unable to speak with my doctor after it was finished because I was still knocked out and my father wasn't in the building. So he couldn't speak to him. My follow up is on the 6th.

Anyway, when I woke up the nurse told me they removed my appendix and some adhesions and everything looked good?

I asked more questions but she said my doctor didn't say. So I didn't get an answer about whether I have Endo. I also don't know why they had to remove my appendix. Could it be from the adhesions? Is there a good chance that Endo is my diagnosis? Shouldn't my doctor have told them more?

Sorry I'm just impatient about knowing lol

Thank you ladies! xx

6 Replies

Of course your docter should tell you more. You need to find out. Give your surgery a call and ask them if they know.

I asked for a copy on the day of all information what been done that day, which they gave to me. It is important, because it is your body.

Good luck



I had a very similar experience. After years of problems, was taken in with suspected appendicitis. It was removed and I was told afterwards that I had endometriosis. I had to wait (3months) to be referred to a consultant (after another week in hospital for infection after the laproscopy). When I finally saw the consultant he wouldn't confirm endometriosis but suggested another laparoscopy to confirm it. I had that in May and like you didn't get to see the surgeon on the day. I was discharged with no information and told I would get a letter for a follow up appointment in 8 weeks! I found this all very frustrating so I called the consultants secretary to ask for more details. I have to say that this was a good approach for me. If the secretary cannot answer your questions they can usually find notes, or ask the consultant themselves and they always call back even if it is a few days later. Don't be afraid to follow up with them. Life is much easier when you know what you are dealing with! Good luck and don't worry if you still get some pain. I have found that it has taken a good 12 months for things to settle down after the first laparoscopy. I sometimes wake in the night with the appendicitis pains but they are mild and don't last long.


Hi I have suffered horrendous pains for years but more so in the last few years. I had a laproscopy due to suspected endo, the surgeon removed a large adhesion but said I had no endo nothing actually changed for me since the removal of the adhesion apart from I am more regular on the toilet!! I am still in terrable pain a lot of days out of every month! I hope you get the answers you want, I know something is not right with my body but I am back to square one having to take strong pain med.

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I'm so sorry :( my heart is with you. It's so depressing when your health is just a mystery.


Ah it's frustrating isn't it. I had a lap nearly 18 months ago, they didn't tell me anything, I just got a letter which had one sentence 'endo removed, adhesions to the bowel'. Went for a follow up to a gynae yesterday as getting pains again and coincidentally saw the same surgeon - she said there had been a 'computer glitch' and so none of my operation notes were saved and so the letter I got was incomplete. She 'remembers' me and said I had endo in pouch of Douglas and pelvic adhesions and bowel. She said she had to me all this when I had woken up but as I was dosed up on anesthetic I can't remember!

Being referred for another lap in 6 weeks, but really confusing !


I know how u feel!! times I've been left in the dark to guess & research the answers to my questions that's where I found most of my knowledge + some testimonies of others found very helpful like this website. I have Endo, had hyst usually Doc needs to do a lap to see inside the endo growing or if u have any. u will find out at yr follow up. Estrogen in yr ovaries triggers the endo it attaches itself to yr organs that's why they removed my ovaries, body is allergic to estrogen. I've had since i was a little girl.....Hope all goes well. Look on Lyndle's page she's on the same posts good information.


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