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Hi everyone

I am new to this site but just wanted some advice really from all you beautiful woman that have been there... I am feeling nervous...

I am going into hospital as a day patient for a lap an hsg looking for endo! Under general.

This investigation is due to my ongoing problems that have been going on since I was 18 now I am 28.

I have had various problems over the years painful periods an ovulation, digestion issues constipation, migraines ECt an over the years visited my gp for advice had scans all showing normal an a hsg last year also normal.

I have also suffered 7 early miscarriages all have been Unexplained an now Infertility.

My periods for the first two days an before are awful so painful an always more on my right side an the same during ovulation for several days to the point where I cannot go out an need painkillers.

All advice appreciated:) x

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My pain also seemed more prominent on the right hand side, hope all goes well and you get a diagnosis! X


Thanks x


Certainly sounds like endo hun. Your symptoms are very similar to what I have had over the years. I hope you get your diagnoses and they can give you a clear up to make u feel better. Keep us posted as to how u got on xxx


Thankyou I will keep u all posted. X


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