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Contraceptive & zoladex together?

Hello can someone help me... I'm on desogestrel and waiting for my endometriosis op in may. The surgeon has advised me to have zolodex monthly injections for 3 months leading up to op to shrink endo as much as possible. I'm having my first injection next week and not looking forward to it. What I'm not sure is do i continue the contraceptive (desogestrel)? Every time i try to stop contraceptive, ovulation and my endo symptoms are terrible so i don't really want to stop it? He hasn't explained anything about if i should expect bleeding after injection?

has anyone continued both together?


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Hi, Zoladex is not a licensed form of contraception and you will need to continue using contraception whilst having the injections. It can be harmful to a developing foetus and could cause miscarriage if you are pregnant and having the injections so I have read that the recommendation is to use non hormone forms of contraception like condoms etc

This fact sheet has some more information for you endometriosis.org/treatment...

You will probably bleed during your usual cycle in the first month but the bleeding should stop in month 2 and definitely by month 3.

The Zoladex should also control your endometriosis symptoms once it kicks in as it stops the production of the hormone oestrogen that feeds the endometriosis. I am having monthly prostap injections and generally have no pain or very mild endo symptoms compared to before. I have been fortunate to not experience any negative side effects whilst on the injections but its a possibility that you may experience some so you might want to ask for a add back pill (I use tibolone) which reduces the side effects.

Take care



Thank you so much christina that has really helped me. Its all very daunting but I feel at least I have a treatment plan and so I'm remaining positive. Thanks clare


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