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Hi all. I'm new to this. Never written on a forum before but reading this site which I only found last week has given me hope and smiles aswell as tears. Where do I start I'm 29 and want children but can't do so outside of wedlock planning to get married in August if everything goes to plan. I was diagnosed in 2007 with a cyst and a tiny amount of endo cyst was burst endo left to do its thing as doc said it was tiny. Over past two years my periods have been very painful - fainting whilst out shopping - hot flushes, stabbing and boom black out. It happened every month mostly until recently I started eating healthy lots of fruit and veg. I'm tiny only weight 7 and a half stones. Anyway..so doc ref me to gyne and last week I had a lap doc found cyst, ovarie stuck so he released, no endo on tubes, some on back of womb, tiny about on bowels none on bladder. He snipped away significant amount but not all. He said I am stage 3 - severe. I am scared yes - he has offered me zoladex X1 injection every 3 months till I decide to start a family then I come off injections we do another lap he trims off anything left and we try for a baby. All seems simple but it's the side effects that worry me - I don't want to regret having them nor do I want my endo to get worse spread and stop me having children. Can anyone offer me advice? My periods are normal, on time, I suffer first two days or just before and then fine. I have two weeks to decide...

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Hi there, I'm not an expert on Zoladex, but I was in a similar position. I declined the Zoladex due to the fact I have very low bone density, (Zoladex's thinning effect does apparently fix itself after you stop taking it, it just wasn't good for my situation). As I understand it, after a lap, where they remove some endo, is when you are most fertile, as starting a family right this minute isn't an option for you, the next best thing is to take something that will suppress the endo and stop anything new growing (Zoladex is apparently the best option here), then when you are ready to come off the Zoladex and start TTC, you can have the best chance... Re-reading it, it seems like he might do another lap anyway, but if there is no new endo it should make it easier anyway, sounds like you need some kind of relieve anyways.... Good luck!


Thanks for your reply. You basically echoed my feelings, I'm only doing this for fertility and as I'm not ready (religious reasons!) for a child at the moment I think this is probably the only feasible option. It's scary when you read all these side effects online. If I get married in August (which is when we would try for a baby straight away) when should I stop taking the zoladex. doc is offering the 3 months from I guess October. I've read that you have to have a break after 6 months so for me I'm presuming that's after my second injection? Your situation have you got children? Do you want children? Thanks for your reply made me smile x


Hi, has your gynaecologist not discussed going on the pill with you? I would have thought that would be another option especially seeing as you have already had surgery to remove some of the endo. The pill by controlling your hormones would be doing something similar to Zoladex but it's not obviously as strong and works in a different way.

If I was in your situation I would consider this as a option


He said the pill is an option but not as strong as zoladex and I need something strong as my endo is severe.


OK, stage 4 which I have is the most severe stage of endometriosis. I would advise that if you have stage 3 you should really look into the pill. Zoladex is a GNRH drug and they are very strong and can have a number of side effects. I would personally say that if there is another option this would be worth considering before starting a gnrh drug.

I am taking prostap another GNRH drug at the moment before having excision surgery in December, my experience has been ok but that is not the case for others so you really need to look into and make sure your aware of the side effects.


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