Depo injections and HRT

I have been getting the injections for 8 months now and I started HRT about 2/3 month ago. My gyno wants me to stay on both long term because I am 43 years of age. My question is ladies, Has anyone else used these treatments and end up with pelvic aches/pains? Over the past 4 weeks my pelvic area is feeling tight/ achy/ painful etc again.


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  • Hi aabb, I am having Depo injections but with no hrt. I am still getting the burning and dragging aches and pains almost every day (and as I type this!) although no bleeding. I am just glad not to have the heavy bleeding anymore. I am 47. I don't know why your aches and pains have started after 7 months though; I am thinking maybe its the hrt causing it for you? I would ask your doctor if this is likely or not. Good luck! X

  • Thanks for getting back to me. Could be my HRT, unfortunately my gyno said he will only keep me on the injections long term on one condition that I take the HRT. As you said the NO bleeding is great. Don't get me wrong the pain is manageable I just worry that it may get worse.


  • I am wondering now whether I should ask my doctor about taking HRT with the Depo too, but I have only just stopped taking HRT a month or so ago! I was on Zoladex before the Depo and needed to take HRT with that but Zoladex just didn't work for me, even with the HRT; the side effects for me were awful; high blood pressure, nausea and bad headaches. My doctor never suggested staying on the HRT for the Depo although I have since read that the Depo injection can cause bone problems long term. I am definitely going to mention it at my next jab now! I am also wondering now that as Depo mimics pregnancy could it be that it doesn't stop some symptoms of Endo such as the aches and pains because during my last pregnancy (3rd) I suffered quite a bit of pain in my pelvis which at the time they said was caused by the pelvic ligaments being weaker. It makes me wonder now if it was the still the Endo all along even though I was pregnant and would explain why despite being on Depo you and I still have the discomfort?? Without anyone else saying it is the same for them it is hard to know for sure........Bokkie X

  • I see what you mean about the pelvic aches. My gyno said because I am 43 yrs I am too young to be getting injections without the backup of HRT. He said it will cause osteoporosis. It worries me because i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over a year ago but since February this year I have had problems with my joints. I have already been to see a rheumatologist who is sending me for ultra sound scans.


  • I have been reading that Endo can be linked to auto-immune diseases (it could be one!). My mum didn't have Endo but she told me that my grandmother had lots of major problems with her periods, but this was before Endo was really known about it. My mum does have rheumatoid arthritis though which is also an auto-immune disease! There must be a genetic connection somewhere. Am not surprised to hear you have joint problems unfortunately. Good luck with your scans and subsequent treatment. X

  • That's all I need! Its hard enough that I have endo and fibromyalgia but for the endo to cause something else would be so frustrating. I am a positive and strong person but some days I get so tired having to fight with myself. Can I be cheeky and ask what symptoms your mum gets? Its not just my joints I have probs with, other parts like my eyes and stomach etc have been causing me problems. I also had to go private last year as I was having problems with my stomach and bowels, I had my own thoughts of an intolerance which turned out to be true! Fruit, dairy and pigs meat! The gastro doc at the time said it was my IBS, my gyno said it was my endo! Sorry for going on but I get so fed up with this stupid body of mine.


  • Well, my Mum has 'flare-ups' where she feels achy and tired with flu-type symptoms; basically a general bad 'under the weather' feeling. It doesn't just affect your joints, it can affect all over your body. My work colleague's Dad has it too and he is the same. You might get better feedback on your symptoms from a Rheumatoid Arthritis board though. I have had problems with my bowels (constipation, diarrhoea and bad wind - yes I know sounds awful doesn't it?!) for years; I was tested for bowel cancer (my dad had it) but it was negative and as I have stage 4 Endo which I was told is 'everywhere' I think that it is my Endo that causes my bowel probs. To the best of my knowledge I do not have any food intolerances. You are not going on at all - I think most people on this site know how you feel.

  • Thanks Bokkie. I appreciate your comments.


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