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18 year old recently diagnosed, what happens now?

Hello everyone!

My name is Leah, I am 18 years old and after being told since the age of 12 I just have heavy periods I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis on Thursday. I'm feeling pretty let down by all my doctors for not recognising this sooner as now the endometriosis has got that bad my bowel and uterus have fused together. Anyway after my laparoscopy the other day my surgeon said more operations are going to be needed but he darted off back to surgery before I had the chance to ask any questions. My next appointment isn't for 4 weeks and I just want to know what to expect, will it just be the same operation or a different one ?

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I'm not sure about the surgery as I do not have this problem. However I was diagnosed at the age of 17 with endo and it took me 3 years to get diagnosed after countless visits to many different doctors! It's not nice being so young and have all this put on you with no one to talk to as I still feel exactly the same. Hope the next operation goes well and you get the answers your looking for!x

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Thank you !


Hi I am 15 and suffer from pretty much all endo symptoms. I've had multiple hospital admissions and undergone two operations for ovarian cyst and adhesions but have been yet to be diagnosed with endo. I feel this is because of my age more than anything. At what age did your symptoms start?x


I started getting symptoms pretty much as soon as I started my periods age 12, I started getting bowel symptoms when I was 15. They seem to ignore the possibility of endometriosis because its rare in young people, push for it and say you want to be checked for it x


Yes I have recently started my periods and feel the pain has increased from what my high levels used to be. Thanks for the help x


Excision surgery is the only real treatment for endo. You need your endo fully removed to get better.

the best experts in the UK do what's called total peritoneal excision to make sure all your endo is gone. You may have to travel for the best care and I've found from feedback from other endo ladies the best surgeons in the UK are all based up north.

The sooner you get yourself seen by an expert the sooner you can start feeling better


Thank you I'll make sure i ask about this at my next appointment :)


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