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Recently diagnosed with endometriosis


Hi all

I'm 20 years old and have been suffering with pain for 2 years, recently had an laparoscopy and got diagnosed with endometriosis, I've got my first appointment with my gynaecologist on the 5th of feb and not sure what to expect, during the laparoscopy they removed the patches of endo but I don't know what happens now with the hormone treatments.

Any help would be appreciated

Amy x

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Hi Amy, sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with endo. I would expect the doctor to go through all the different options with you, which might be something like the mirena or the pill to try and stop the endo coming back x

Thankyou for replying , yes I thought that would be what we discuss . I'm still suffering with a lot of pain so I hope they can sort me something out so I can get on with my life x

Dear Amy

I'm so sorry to hear that you're suffering pain, i know how horrible it is and how it can affect everything in your life

The good news is that you've now been diagnosed, which i know feels scary and overwhelming, but to have a diagnosis at least means that you know what's happening in your body.

I too had pain for years and was diagnosed at 19 after many years of begging for help!

I found one of the most helpful things to do was to get as much information as you can, through reliable people and organisations.

This is a condition which can make you feel isolated and alone, but please try to remember that you are not alone and that there are women out there (like me!) who understand the hurt, frustration and pain.

There are also a lot of scare stories out there so try not to get swept away by the most extreme dramatic accounts.

check out

it's really helpful!

It is also so important to have a medical professional who can give you all the available options, whilst listening to your feelings and opinions.

An endo specialist is thye best option, but its also vital to have someone you trust who can go through your options with you

I was given Zoladex injections which brought on a pseudo menopause which i believe actually caused a lot of problems for me. What works for one person may not always work for another i suppose.

I then had a laparoscopy which eased the pain for quite a while

I don't know how widespread your endo was when they found it?

Please don't feel alone. You're not. This condition can be difficult to cope with but help is out there.

Feel free to PM me anytime

Take care and hugs



(sorry meant to say had laser surgery which eased the pain!)

Hi Charlie thankyou for the reassurance , it has been a very hard couple of years but feel better now I have been diagnosed , I was worried being so young but it nice to no that I'm not the only one out there as its often hard to talk to people about it as they don't really no what I'm going through , I'm currently on a contraceptive pill until I see my gynaecologist in feb but just don't no what to expect or what they are going to say as I'm still experiencing pain and still having periods , I'm not sure what stage I am at but they found a few patches which got lasered off , is there any tips you have , or any diets that help , I just want to get better and be able to get on with my life , sorry for the outburst it just nice to talk to someone who knows what I'm going through

Amy x

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