Recently diagnosed!!

I have been fighting for some answers to the pain now for 11/12 years! Finally had a laparoscopy on 6th Feb and its been diagnosed - I have Endometriosis!! I saw the consultant on Friday for my post op follow up and I'm just looking for some opinions and experiences on the treatment plan suggested.

I should mention that I am 22 and have no intentions of starting a family just yet (the initial suggestion) so the suggested treatment plan is Zoladex + Tibolone I feel this is my only option however I do have some reservations about using such drugs at my age although the consultant assures me this is all to preserve my fertility and ensure I am more comfortable as the POP alone does not seem to sufficiently work. I am just looking for some experiences and opinions on this type of treatment.

Thanks :)

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  • Hi, as far as I'm aware it is against guidelines for anyone under the age of 23 to be given drugs like Zoladex. This is because you don't reach full bone density until about the age of 30, and these drugs can affect that. When you had your lap was anything done?

  • Thank you for your response :) Interesting I'll be 23 in June so not long I suppose! Nothing done as placement of endo too risky to laser off :(

  • Hi were you seen by a general gynaecologist? Or a specialist in a BSGE centre?

  • I was seen by a general gynaecologist as far as I know it was a referral from the GP that was long awaited!!

  • Hi a endo specialist at BSGE centre would be able to excise this.

  • Hi - where did they find endo and what was done?

  • Nothing was done as the consultant felt that the placement of the endo was too risky to laser off as it was found all around my ureter unfortunately the consultant that performed the lap was not the consultant I saw for the post op follow up as she has since left!

  • Hi - it is as well that they didn't attempt to treat endo on the ureter as it is very intricate surgery. Please note these injections aren't a viable treatment for endo as you can only take them for a limited time after which your endo will continue to progress. Excision is the only effective treatment. As soon as you were found to have endo there you should have been referred on to a specialist centre. Click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find one. x

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