IVF help please!!

Hi, new to this site but really need some advice. I have been having IVF the past couple of months (due to stage 4 endo) and nearly 2 weeks ago had a 5 day blastocyst transferred. I waited until 11 days later and took a home pregnancy test and to my amazement and happiness it came up positive! Over the next 36 hours I took six more, all showing positive, 2 of these were Clear Blue digital tests which actually showed "Pregnant 1-2 weeks". So as you can imagine I went off to the IVF clinic this morning for my official test expecting a positive, but the nurse came back after doing my urine test and told me it was negative!?!

I left the hospital gutted, and a few hours later decided to do one more "first response" test at home, and it showed up as positive! What on earth is going on?? Has anyone had this happen to them before, I have no idea what to think!

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Haven't had this happen to me but it sounds very very odd. What did the nurse say when you told her about all the other tests you had done?

Maybe she got your tests mixed up with someone else?

So sorry to hear what has happened after your IVF cycle, you must be feeling so disappointed. I'm just about to start my first IVF due to stage 4 endo also. I wonder if the drugs used during the IVF process is what's giving you the positive tests and the urine test looks for a different chemical? Hope you are okay xxx

Hi Jojo, were you given a Hcg shot on the day of the transfer? It's quite possible that the pregnancy kits are picking up that if it's still in your system, but then again, if you're well over the 2ww then it doesn't make sense. I would go back and try and get another test.

Fingers X'd it turns out positive for you. Xxx

If you're getting inaccurate readings on the pregnancy tests I would ask them to run a beta hcg blood test- that way you will know for sure.


My heart goes out to you. I had three lots of IVF with stage 4 endo, so i know how hard the whole thing is. I had a positive pregnancy, and they kept telling me it was not going to survivev as it was not growing properly and had to go back for weekly scans. Apparently even if you have a positive pregnancy it is common in the first four weeks for the embryo to detach from the uterus, which is what they thought would happen to me. Most miscarriages happen in the first four weeks, and women who don't have IVF may have been pregnant and they would not know about it. It is so heart breaking and I hope that it works for you in the future.


You poor thing how distressing. I think you need to call the clinic and ask why you are getting positives on the tests at home. They are the only ones who will know for sure what tests they ran in the clinic. For my IVF I had to just do a urine test at home and call the clinic with the result so not necessarily affected by the drugs beforehand...Call the clinic and ask. Fingers crossed for you. xx

Thanks so much everyone for your comments, really appreciate it. Well I waited and did another test this morning and it came up a strong positive! So I called the ivf clinic and asked them what to do and the nurse ( a different one today) said to come straight down to test again.

So off we went, showed her all my positive tests, did a sample and she went off to test it and came back into the room we were sat in and said it was 100% positive and we were pregnant no doubt about it!!

Me and my hubby literally sat in shock for about ten minutes!! It wasn't even a faint line it was clear as day! We asked what had happened yesterday and she said - no word of a lie - sometimes the hospital tests are wrong and come up negative incorrectly!! Unbelievable! To put my mind at ease they did a blood test today and am going back Tuesday for another one to ensure hcg is rising as it should because I'm still worried as to why it was so low yesterday, so staying cautious, but for now I'm definitely pregnant, so :-) :-) xxxx


Congratulations !!!!

Many many congratulations!!! I felt so sad for you when I read your post, it was heartbreaking. So so pleased for you and wishing you a healthy pregnancy and baba xxxxx

Thank you DSan and Debs :-) xxx

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