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Endometriosis and PCOS

Hi All

I have had a long and complicated history!

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 13 and put on the combined pill. At 18 I started to get sever migraines and was removed from the pill. What followed was a series of years in which I was given every type of contraceptive possible, progesterone only, to try and control the bleeding. After a few years the doctor suggested I try nothing at all and see what happens in case the PCOS had "slowed down". Basically my period got heavier and heavier, more painful, dizziness etc. and longer and longer. I was once again put back on various forms of contraception until one family planning doctor properly looked at my history and said why had nobody thought to look for another source of the problem. Generally PCOS presents with no bleeding or irregular bleeding, not constant bleeding. She suggested Endometriosis which I took back to my GP and got a referral.

I had my laparoscopy in February 2013 where they found endo and removed it. I was not on anything at all following the lap and by October 2013 was still suffering from constant bleeding. I was put back on the combined pill (dianette) to see if the migraines came back. Which inevitably they did. Essentially being on the combined pill is the only thing that controls the bleeding.

Since the Lap I hadn't had the "endo" pain or bleeding which I learned to recognise from ordinary cramps and bleeding. But the last few months have noticed a slow return. I am currently under a Gynae specialist GP who has me on progesterone only pill (cerazette) and am trying at the moment oestrogen gel. So far to no avail as am still bleeding and pain etc. keeps getting worse.

My normal GP has said that there would be no point having another laparoscopy as until I have children (not ready yet) the Endo will just keep coming back. She suggested a "fake" menopause until I am ready to have a baby. Have a lap and then get pregnant as quickly as possible.

I'm wondering about others who have had more than one lap and whether this is advisable? My specialist GP says that after the Lap I should have been given measures to stop bleeding, and stop endo spreading again, which I wasn't. So I'm thinking if I have the lap again and they actually correctly control it afterwards it may be more successful?

Either way I've had 18 months without endo pain and bleeding so surely even if it lasts 18 months that's worth the lap again?

Would be grateful for thoughts as am gradually getting worn down by being called "complicated" by doctors and them throwing their hands in the air because they are "out of answers".

Thank you



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