I had a laproscopy at the start of February and it confirmed that I have endometriosis. From what I understand I had more scarring than anything. My pain has gotten a lot better but I go through points of extreme exhaustion and start thinking about all the bad points in my life when I have so many positive things happening just now. I know exhaustion is a side effect but I'm struggling with how bad it has become. I don't know if I should be going back to the dr now? 

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Hi there, I'm 30 have stage 2 endo. I've had 2 laps, last one was about 4 months ago. They were looking to see why I hadn't had a period for over a year. Turns out I has high prolactin caused by my antidepressants which put me in breastfeeding feeding mode!anyway, since this my periods have returned and at first I was so happy just to have a regular cycle but I too suffer from complete exhaustion leading up to my period and when I'm ovulating. I'm off work at the moment and feel that I couldn't work with the fatigue I feel day to day. I do think I may have chronic fatigue and it really gets me down that like you, have lots of positive things in my life. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing similar to me. I thought it was just me who felt this. It does take over the pain and any other symptoms of endo. I try very hard to be active but I find one busy day and I sleep all day the next day. Xxx

Thank you for saying you have it to. I returned from holiday, felt good and bang I was exhausted. Started a job recently and struggled this week something terrible. I can't afford time off but this is making me a crazy woman because I can't think straight. I love my work (only work part time) but this past week I'm desperate to go home to sit and do nothing. I just wish I felt normal. X

I would go to the gp, I feel like I needed it on my record as it does impact work/normality xxx


I'm the same and was diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome years ago, before adeno/endo were ever mentioned to me.

Not sure which is actually the cause of the extreme exhaustion I suffer - possibly both, but the ME diagnosis did lead to some support from an Occupational Therapist which was a good chance to talk over all those negative thoughts which creep in along with the tiredness. She also introduced me to the importance of 'pacing' as I was inclined to rush through all my jobs on the good days but this was causing the down spells to get longer and longer.

I would definitely go to your GP.

Best wishes,

Ali x

Very similar - diagnosed with ME/CFS, then about a year later diagnosed with edno + adeno. Very hard to tell when I'm having ME fatigue and/or endo fatigue! Pacing is so important and it's very hard to explain to people who haven't experienced it, how debilitating it is.

Yes, that's so true.

I only have a couple of friends left. Most got sick of me cancelling on them. The words 'fatigue' and 'exhaustion' don't cover it and sound like excuses to a lot of people.

I keep very much to myself these days.


This is very interesting.... I too was diagnosed with CFS/ME after glandular fever four years ago and now possible endo/adeno... I wonder if a link has been established between the two!

There could be, worth looking into it further. I have other health problems as well which don't help my tiredness but the endo floors me and I know its that because I have bad cramp as well. X

I think some research is being done but since ME/CFS is essentially impossible to quantify, I don't think anything aggressive is done to understand the link, or if essentially a huge number of ME patients are actually being misdiagnosed and are suffering from ignored endo. After all, women are more effected by ME than men, and there is some evidence that ME is caused (or causes) hormonal fluctuations, which would explain why so many of us also seem to have endo. My gyno told me that he couldn't take my ME into consideration as it wasnt his area and as far as he knew there wasn't a link, but frankly most specialists say that as soon as you mention ME/CFS.

I've realised a lot look for the easy way out with things. I suffer from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and have chronic pain in my hip. The amount of times I've been passed off for things when I know I'm right because I know my body is very annoying and hurtful.

If you see a couple of people for different things you can say if I give you the name and hospital of the other Dr/consultant will you please speak with them and see if between you both you can get me some kind of answer.

Are you in the UK,  and were you seen by a certified, specialist 'Endo' gynaecologist at one of the special Endo Clinics?    Check out the posts on here by Lindle: she is a fount of knowledge on Endo, and will give links to finding the appropriate clinics. 

If your Gyane was just a general one, they may not be the best person to advise.   Constant pain is exhausting, and it needs dealing with, plus you will be very stressed with the endo and pain, all and the way this messes up your life - so another reason for being exhausted. 

Try to coddle and comfort yourself, meanwhile, and try to do things you love and that you know reduce your stress: but ...  above all, check out the links I've suggested to see if there is more that could and should be done for your condition, then you can go bacl to your Doctor armed with all necessary info. 

Hope this helps.

It doesn't help as I have other health problems as well which cause me a lot of problems and being diagnosed with endo on top of it has just been the finishing touch. They say I should be able to conceive but maybe not straight away and that is a big thing as many friends are now having families. Yes I get tired from the other health problems (I had DVTs when I was a lot younger and also have chronic hip pain) but everytime I feel like I may have a period this exhaustion comes over me and can last well how long is a piece of string. I've made an appointment with the GP but with having a medical background myself I really don't know what can be done to help. Xx

I have the same problem. Last week was horrible and it really affected my efficiency and ability to focus at work. I find that women's Panadol helps me with the fatigue once AF begins but pms is awful. I would like to know if anyone has found any healthier alternatives to help with the fatigue since the panadols contain caffeine and I've read that caffeine isn't good for us endo girls.

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