Severe nausea/dizziness and pains?

Does anyone else get severe pain nausea and dizziness at the same time? For the last two days I've been in absolute agony and struggled to move around because I've been so bad. It hasn't been confirmed that I have endometriosis yet however i was just wondering whether it's something others actually get?

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  • I do get all those symptoms, although I'm in the same boat as yourself. Undiagnosed.

  • Yes I do too and I think it's all pain related X

  • Hi, i get it as well, think it our way of dealing with the pain. My condition is also undiagnosed. Hope u get sorted soon x

  • Yes I have these symptoms too, can nock me for a couple of days. I have confirmed endometriosis

  • Hi yes I get these symptoms to I have been dignosed with endometriosis

  • I get these symptoms, but undiagnosed - having a laparoscopy in a few days time.

  • i get these symptoms very regularly (atleast every week and lasting a couple of days each bout), doctors have said the dizziness and nausea us all pain related.

  • Me too, diagnosed , I put it down to all the painkillers I have to take xxx

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