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Feeling anxious

Hello ladies I'm new to the site. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis just yesterday after suffering for 16 years and suffer with such terrible pain as I'm sure you all understand. I'm due to have my first laparoscpoic surgery in bout 6 weeks. Feeling really apprehensive about this and feel very lonely as I'm single even though I have great friends and family I feel a burden and down a lot as the pain has me bed ridden. Does anyone have words of wisdom to give me any advice is hugely appreciated xx

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Hey Hun, I'm new too!

Try & stay positive at least you've been diagnosed for why you suffer with the pain & soon you'll know exactly where it's affecting.

I was quite nervous with my first lap wondering if I really wanted to find out but at least once you know you have all the facts & can find out what the next steps need to be taken are.

Try & stay positive.

It is lonely even when you're with someone & have friends/family around you. Being scared & worried is always a lonely situation as other than someone else going through it the people around you haven't got a clue! But keep positive think of it as the start to ending your problems!

I've just had my second surgery to treat mine.

Let me know if you've got any questions & I'll try & help! Xx


Hi nat1987, I am sorry that you have had this diagnosis, and it can be really tough on the emotions as well as physically. I am still working my way through ways to cope with medications and the side effects, and different ways to help myself. The best advice I can give you is to try and help yourself emotionally and in whatever way works for you, remember that we are all different, we all feel pain but to different varying degrees and in different parts of our body. Simplify your life as much as possible and don't feel bad about being unable to commit to things, self judgement is something us Endo ladies are very good at and it serves no purpose at all but to just destroy another piece of ourselves. Forgive those that don't understand your pain it is another form of self toture your body doesn't need, and they can't understand something they don't have. The ones that love you though will do their best I am sure. I found Sophrology the best help, but for others it is CBT, herbs or medication. Keep believing in yourself, you are not Endometriosis. ;0) Keep creative as best you can and do something that fills you with love every day.

I hope this Bruce Lipton link helps.

Feel free to message me. I have a blog and Facebook page that I hope long term will help many women cope with the emotional side of Endometriosis but don't feel it is appropriate to publish here. It's there for anyone interested.

Big hugs

Jen xx


Hi ya x i totally understand how you feel. But keep positive because after my lapo they removed all they could and i felt amazing. Im not due for my 2nd lapo as after 2years pains back but its just how endo can be... And its possible to return... But saying that im not in as much pain now as i was before the 1st lapo. Im having coil fitted this time to see if it helps as i refused it 1st time.


I'm really pleased you have your diagnoses. I know after the struggle I had to get mine I was releaved that they finally believed me.

I would ask a friend if they can come on the day to your operation. Not only for support but you won't be able to drive home. There are lots of Practicle things I found helped to prepare before which makes the recovery a lot less stressful

1. Do your house work- if like me mess annoys you, then get this done before. You won't find it easy to do once you have your op.

2. Do a food shop so u don't have to worry

3. Arrange with work to have two weeks off. If you feel better earlier than this great and go back. My first lap I only took a week off then got stressed about having to sort second week off when I was still feeling poorly.

4. Buy yourself new pj's. I buy a bigger size because you don't want anything tight around your tummy. Not for any other reason than you deserve a treat when you're poorly.

5. Pack wisely- here are the things I would take.



Dressing gown- my 1st lap they made me sit for three hours in a waiting room with men with an open backed gown on. I had knickers on but everytime I got up to go to the loo I worried about flashing.

Something to read or do whilst your waiting. Can sometimes be a while.

Pillow- for the way home to put across your tummy because helps with the bumpy road

Peppermint tablets- they inflate your tummy with air during the op and can leave you with a nerve pain in your shoulder. Peppermint tablets will help expel the air.

Big comfy knickers. Take spares in case you do have to stay over night.

Sanitary towels- you will bleed a little after.

Medication-to show doctor of needs be

Bottled water- for after the opertation.

Cash- in case you have to stay over so you can go to the hospital shop.

I think I hadn't forgotten something but I'm sure someone Holla if I have.

Best of luck with it all xxx *hugs*



Hi Nat, I'm new to and think I also have endo, still waiting to be diagnosed though, as like most been complaining about painfull periods for years, but now last year pains got loads worse throughout the month and are now constant daily aches and pains, have you had a lap to diagnose or docs finally said that they will do one to confirm, thanks


Hi Nat, some good advice been given to you here already. This is a great forum to talk your issues and concerns without feeling judged. It's shocking you've had to wait 16 years but good you now know what the issue is.

Anyone else reading this - if you think you may have Endo, you should ask your doctor to be referred to gyny to get a diagnosis. Drs seem to need patients to be direct nowadays and remember it is your body so be respectful but firm in what outcome you want from your appointment - insist on referral. If they refuse and it turns out to be that, then it would not reflect well on them. I'm awaiting my gyny appt still after not being direct enough. We should not have to suffer.

How were you diagnosed? Curious as read sometimes they do laparoscopy to diagnose Endo, and note you haven't had one yet.

I have been suffering with fatigue, bladder pain for nearly 2 years, painful intercourse, heavy periods and lower back pain, regular tummy pain out with period and tummy pain with bowel movements and tender right side. Not sure if related but numbness in feet and hands. Most has been checked over but no outcome/resolve. Family history of Endo (2 sisters have it) - so think high probability it could be this.


Hi Nat, I have been diagnosed since 2002 and had 3 ops to date and due my fourth this year. I agree with previous comments keep positive, the lap itself you won't know about when you come round you will have some pain but the painkillers given at the hospital should help. You may find you get pain in your shoulder this is normal it comes from the air they put in your body to enable them to do the op. Personally I use Dead Sea salt to aid with the healing, it's personal preference. Lavender and tee tree oils are also supposed to be very good.

If you would like a family one day it is possible, I have two gorgeous toddlers, I call them my little miracles.

After your op you will need some help and I'm sure your family and friends will be willing to help just ask.

All that's left to say is good luck with your op, keep positive and we're always about if you need a chat. X


Thank you all for your replies some great information and good to no there are people out there who have experience and fully understand how it feels. You are all inspirational for your individual stories and if I can ever be of any support to You please message me xx


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