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Give up :(

Hi all , i was diagnosed with Endo last year , although had symptoms for 10 years i am 29, i may have been diagnosed , and had a lap in November however i still feel bad is there nothing to stop this pain , I will admit after having the mirena coil fitted at the same time as my lap and the laser'd away cells , it has subsided to 3 weeks pain out of the 4 but seriously i feel like they (doctors) see it as they have done there bit now get on with it :( really low place at the minute :(

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I experienced a similar thing. You have my sympathy. I had it lasered about 7 years ago and immediately had worse problems than I started with. A year later they wanted to try the same op again and I am glad I refused it because it didn't help and I have had to take the pill for years which has arguably contributed to abnormal cervical cells for me personally. It has taken a lot of persuasion for the endometriosis centre to get me to agree to excision surgery which is supposed to be better. I would not have bothered with the surgery as making some changes to my diet (not the endo diet) has helped a lot but the endo has caused me to develop rheumatism so I am going for it now. I have met a lot of women who have said the excision surgery has helped them. There are no guarantees but you may be best off asking to go to a specialist in excision surgery at an endometriosis centre rather than a general gynae x


Has your pain gradually returned or did it never stop after your lap?

Can you describe your pain, its location etc xx

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Thank you for replying , see my problem is i have really bad pain , i have had my lap and the cells lasered away , pain has been here since operation so i went to see my gp and when she read my letter from the gyno my gp has told me my endo wasnt that bad , so now i am questioning what is wrong with me?

syptoms ;

heavy/ irregular periods

lower abdominal pain

pain during intercorse

migraines before cycle

severe tiredness/ fatigue

sickness during leriod as it hurts so bad

chest pain run up to and during cycle

severe mood swings (on meds for these)


bloating (really bad)

itchy abdominal

pain during internal examinations

i have probably forgotton something , but i am now wondering is there anything else ,

I had my lap , had coil inserted at the time now getting periods which last between 10-14 days well spooting for this long , but still getting all the above sympyarnt these suppose to have gone ? the only one which seems to jave improved is intercourse pain is not as severe .



Have the prescribed any pain relief for you pain xxxx


Co-codemol , naproxen?!? xx


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