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So...just been to hopsital my usual doctor was not there so I saw someone else which made me cry as my doctor knows everything and I trust her 100%. Now at end of prostap and told no cure (we know) and by a man who doesn't have a womb etc so I find it hard he can show sympathy and told mefanamic acid may help yet I've rung 4 chemists and only one of them stocks it. Now trying to decide whether to try for a baby. I'm 26, confused overwhelmed and sad!

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Hi Daisy,

I am as confused as you are. I am 27 and trying to rearrange my life to see if my fiancée is ready to start a life together, move from my parents place, getting married and trying for a baby?!

My confusion is more of an angry on the way things are. In my case we have financial difficulties which is stopping us to move out and probably the only real impediment...

I am still recovering from my endometriosis surgery and ongoing treatment but I have plenty days when I get overwhelmed,but I take things as they come. I started to accept that we cannot always control everything so maybe we should just try and get used to the idea of pain and focus on solution toward the difficulties?

We are here if you like to discuss further about this, I am sure we can all use someone who can understand what you are facing.


Hi thank you! It is so hard isn't it! Are you going to try for a baby? Me and my boyfriend of two years have an apartment and are currently looking to buy a house. I want a family and don't want I wait until my 30s in case we have problems! X


I am with my parents and him. We are not quite a model family but we do get along. Our flat is two small and we are looking for a house but without my parents I don't think we can afford one.

I think once this is on the way I can consider trying for a baby, until than this is my last month of injection and I need now to prepare myself for a new route of coil.

I shall see how things are going, this ones cannot be speed up too much.

As you say we cannot wait until 30's as it can go horrible wrong, and we both want kids...


Now I've done with the last injection we know it's the right time to start and we don't know how long it could take. Wish you best of luck! Is your partner happy to try soon? X


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