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Brown and clear discharge...?

I suffer from endo. Over the past month I've been in terrible pain. Pain in my lower back and pelvis. It even goes as far as my vagina! It's like a serious cramping that lasts for roughly 5mins then goes away and comes back. It's horrible!!!!

Tho I was taken to a+e at the start of dec. where the doctor proceeded to tell me (whilst I was screaming in agony) that it was just my endo and I had to more or less deal with it. However, after pushing to see the gyne they told me I had possible have has a small cyst that had burst, causing the pain and they sent me home.

Just last week my gp rang to say that my gyne doc had gotten on the phone to her and told her I had an infection. It's strep something I can't remember the right spelling. So I figured this was the cause of my sickness over Christmas, high heart rate of 148bpm, nausa and loss of appetite. I was given a really strong antibiotic, taken 8 a day. I've been on them for 5 days but still getting pain. Not feeling as sick. Tho, the other nite the strangest thing happened. I went to change my underwear and when I pulled down my pants there was a long, clear, thick discharge about 15cm long and as I wiped it and looked closer it had like a line of thin blood in the inside. Now I've been having spots of brown discharge. Sometimes it's only after I pee.

Has anyone else had this type of discharge? I have the coil and do not have a period. I just feel like there's something going on inside me. And to make matters worse I'm stuck in a foreign country and I'm really concerned.

If anyone could help it would be great.

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I had a discharge like that and it was a cyst draining so could be that. Get it checked when your back.


See I thought that maybe what the cause was. Thank u for ur reply :)


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