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Period from he'll

Sorry but I have to offload.

Really struggling with pain at the moment. Stuck in bed with painkillers and hit water bottle and on the verge of tears. Worried as period only just starting so how bad I'm I going to feel when it starts full scale and clots come (tmi).

Been refused lap for now but going to appeal decision when I see gynae again next week. I want my life back.

Any suggestions on pain relief ( preferably natural) or how to change gynaes mind.


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I'm having the same problem as you - my pains have been ongoing since my period from hell 3 weeks ago. I read up somewhere that acupuncture can help? I've been trying to book some but they can't fit me in! I've started taking evening primrose oil now in the hope it could help me on my next cycle. I'm on nefopam and codeine for my pain - maybe try and get that from your doctor? Hope you feel better soon! Xx


Hello there, my periods and endo pain have eased since I've been taking omega 3, linseed oil, vitamin B complex and a high quality probiotic. My period pain manifests itself in bad diarreah and cramps and these natural things have helped a bit, although hot water bottles and feminax are a must!

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I also recommend acupuncture and personally believe that essential

Oils may help. You'll need to do some research but there's quite a lot online about using chamomile, lavender and a few others. Use in hot baths & massage them into your abdomen in carrier oil.


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