Period from hell

Luckily its my day off work. But I can barely move, nothing is working for pain. The scorching heat of the hot water bottle isn't doing anything, ibuprofen and paracetamol isn't working. I feel so weak and on the verge of passing out and throwing up. Is this the effect of taking the pill 3 months back to back? I'm even considering dragging my partner out of work to come home in case anything happens. How can people say Endometriosis is tolerable...this is agony.

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  • Hi I know exactly how u feel the pain I get takes me off my feet and my experience of taking the pill back to back for 3 months was worse for me felt like not having a period for 3 months then having one felt like all 3 coming at once if u know what I mean pain and bleeding was way worse than aving one every month hope the pain eases soon for you xx

  • Thanks xx

    Yeah definitely not doing back to back for three months. 3 periods all at once in one big mass. Nah thanks haha xx

  • What drugs/pills have you taken; I find sometimes I feel sick if I take too many co-codamol and tramadol together. I'm sitting at work now considering going home as the 'dragging ache' where my ovaries used to be is now moving down to the top of my legs but am reluctant to go home again. Do you have any morphine?

  • No, no morphine. My partner takes co codamol, so I usually steal his, he's at work at the minute though.

  • Hi I just wanted to say I really feel for you I'm in the same boat. I've taken co codamol and heat pad. I can not sit, stand, even living down is so bad. I'm bleeding through everything. My back is killing me as well. I feel so down with it. I can't make you better or take away your pain but I wanted you too know your not alone big hugs I really do ! Feel your pain. X

  • Thank you, I really appreciate that :) Hope you feel better soon as well xxx

  • Hi you might think I'm mad but if you want to try a natural remedy it can't hurt, drink pineapple juice mixed with the juice of a lemon. It decreases flow and pain!

  • Thanks, I'll try that :) xx

  • If natural remedies don't work and there's a few out there I would suggest seeing a GP (a different one if necessary) or visit a walk-in clinic. They may be able to help though I know it can be difficult to get strong medication...

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